Would these two signs be attracted to each other?

Question by : Would these two signs be attracted to each other?
Are these two compatible!?
Sun Cancer 27.13
Moon Taurus 7.32
Mercury Cancer 18.19
Venus Cancer 18.31
Mars Virgo 29.25
Jupiter Sagittarius 5.48 R
Saturn Pisces 24.35 R
Uranus Capricorn 28.33 R
Neptune Capricorn 24.05 R
Pluto Scorpio 27.56 R
Lilith Gemini 22.12
Asc node Scorpio 1.20

Sun Aries 25.56
Moon Scorpio 8.00
Mercury Aries 28.01
Venus Pisces 23.02
Mars Leo 15.58
Jupiter Sagittarius 15.02 R
Saturn Pisces 19.52
Uranus Aquarius 0.19
Neptune Capricorn 25.32
Pluto Sagittarius 0.07 R
Lilith Gemini 11.37
Asc node Scorpio 5.34

If yes, then how? And maybe as a little extra help maybe why?

i.e. the arian is attracted to the sensitivity and kindness of the cancerian? (idk just making it up as i go)
Aries is the guy and the Cancer is the girl
NuBf: sadly you are right on the dot :( i was hoping that our venus’s would be enough, but its all true because we’ve had this strange silent, psychic relationship where one of us can tell when the other’s “not all right” or is depending on the day, and we have many misunderstandings with each other which causes me to become annoyed/uninterested in him while he just sits there scratching his head going “what? (did i do now?)” and i can also see him becoming annoyed if i worry (about him or other things) too much. But what’s also strange is, we know when the other’s sorry, just by the look in each other’s eyes. The only thing creepy about this is, we NEVER talk (verbally) so thank you, your answer is VERY good, but sadly just not what i wanted to hear, but i still thumbs upped it :(
Well, to be honest, i have changed a little bit, I’m a little more independent, im not afraid to be alone or seen alone and im okay even if he IS talking to other girls (whenever i try to say hi to him he freezes up :( but im not as clingy as i should be) and whenever he does something hurtful (though i doubt he realizes it), it only hurts for a moment before i brush it off and (pretend) nothing happened, and he’s changed a bit too (he watches out for me :D) but i really like your analogy of the sweet-tooth and loosing weight thing because you are absolutely right! And plus, in ALL relationships, we have to try. You are REALLY smart when it comes to this, hopefully I’ll hear from you again the next time i ask about this!! 10 points for you!!!! :D or at least the 5 star thing :) thank you!!

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Answer by Feathery
I think it would work better if the Aries was the male and the Cancer was the female… the Cancer letting the Aries feel that “he’s the boss”. Typically, Aries and Cancer do not make the best match ups, as Cancer feels the Aries is too bossy and Aries think the Cancer is too over sensitive.

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Question by yenisei V: astrologers: i have a question. (question is under)?
i have
sun in scorpio
rising in scorpio
moon in libra
mercury in libra
venus in scorpio
mars in leo
jupiter in scorpio
saturn in pisces
Chiron in virgo
uranus in capricorn
neptune in capricorn
pluto in scorpio
Ceres in leo
Juno in scorpio
Pallas in taurus
Vesta in cancer
descendant in taurus

wat does this say about me and the signs that i most likely get along with?

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Answer by MoneyOrder
Sun in Scorpio: Scorpio is an imaginative, passionate and extremely emotional sign. They are subtle and persistent, intense, bull headed and unyielding. They have an eye (and an ear too.) for lies and deception and are masters of this dark, infernal art. They are intensely secretive and can be deadly if crossed. They are very good at business whether it is running a Burger King in Santa Monica or a high up Computer Business in Chicago. They also make good detectives and are good in any job where they dig up dirt on people or find the skeletons hiding in others closets. At their worst, they can be vindictive bullies who hurt others for fun and secretive, envious people who are offended by the slightest thing but at their prime they can be good entrepreneurs and excellent at business and education and make good lovers and partners.

Rising in Scorpio: Not only are you a Scorpio but you give off the look of a Scorpio, including all the good and bad traits. Physically you could be short, have a large nose, large dark luminous eyes, bushy eyebrows, and sharp angular features. You probably have very dark hair and you move swiftly and with purpose. The way you move could be hypnotic to the public as well as your speech and mannerisms.

Moon in Libra: Natives with this position are unemotional and logical. They care for fairness and justice but tend to run over others emotions. They are very calm and rarely jarred unless if it is by something they deem unlwaful and immoral.

Mercury in Libra: Nearly identical as the Moon in Libra except that these feelings are transmitted into thoughts. They are rational calm individuals who like weighing the pro’s and con’s of about anything. They tend not to be judgemental and are not swayed by lies and salesmenship of any kind. They are intellectuals but rarely talk about anything that may make them socially disliked or controversial as they like to be in a calm enviroment. They soak up knowledge like a sponge but can be forgettful and lazy at times. They are very easy going.

Venus in Scorpio: Vindictive and tempermental in love affairs these people are not to be crossed. They will never forget a face and may hold a grudge for the rest of their lives. There is a danger of sexual excess as they have very hot passions that are hard to quell. They prefer sex over romance but can get bored easily. They also like to dominate their sexual relationships.

Mars in Leo: Warm if not corrosive, people with Mars in Leo are dynamic and magnetic. They attract mates and the opposite sex like moths to light. They are extremely lucky but can be boastful and dominating. They make excellent lovers and have high ideals and many plans. People with Mars in Leo are more than extraordinary in all aspects in life. They make good actors and better business men. They also tend to have a lot of children and will take care of them well no matter what the circumstance. This postion favors men more than it favors women.

Jupiter in Scorpio: Indicates a zealot and a religious fanatic. This is one of the most religious postions to date and nothing could match this. Nonetheless, religion will some how be important in their lives. They can make excellent spiritual leaders and mystics if they get over themselves. They have extreme arrogance but undying faith to whatever their religion may be.

Saturn in Pisces: Saturn in Pisces is not good for material or monetary success or for business in general. These people may not be cut out for the harsh business world because of their sensitive approach to things. Saturn in Pisces does favor art and philosophical and mystical jobs. Through these feilds they may gain recognition and even a buck or two.

Uranus in Capricorn: Witty and charming they have a strong will to suceed and “win” in the world. They don’t like finishing last and would rather be no place if they were to be second place in a competition. They have a fighting spirit and may succeed through unusual means (Via Electronic Means typically.)

Neptune in Capricorn: Is about the same as Saturn in Pisces. This gives an element of dogmatism about religious or mystical things. They do well with art, writing or acting. They are said to be excellent singers.

Pluto in Scorpio: Is a generational aspect that anyone born from the late 80’s and into the 90’s has. It indicates a generation that will shake the foundations of the old one and start a new revolution.

Descendant in Taurus: The descendant often means strength through relationships and partnerships. It also can indicate what type of relationship you will have or how you will perform in relationships. Taurus shows a nice, comfortable relationship with someone you know well and trust. Things are stable and the person may be a business partner as well. This will be a romantic relationship or at least you would like it to be that way. You could be bossy and stubborn in relations, either business ones or romantic ones or both.


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