Why is the Scorpio woman perfect for the Virgo man?

Hey baby, what’s your sign?’ It might be the cheesiest pickup line in history, but if you know their Sun sign, you can find out a lot about how the two of you will match up. Will you get along like two peas in a pod? Can you expect long conversations or awkward silences; a meeting of the minds or absolutely nothing in common? KT, The Astrologer provides insight into the 144 sun sign combinations.

Question by Lara: Why is the Scorpio woman perfect for the Virgo man?
I hear this frequently. That a Scorpio woman is every Virgo man’s secret fantasy. But why are they so perfect for each other? And where does the attraction come form? This is the most passionate combination in the zodiac.

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Answer by Astro Boy
Because Virgo’s are perfectionists and Scorpio’s are extremely particular about whom they mate or date.

They are both perfect for each…just not for me…I can’t stand both of them.

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  1. Jocelyn says

    I am a Scorpio women and I’m with a Virgo man. I have dated an Aries where it is filled with sex and passion and that’s it! A Gemini who just changes moods and intellectually not capable in clear communication. But I must admit my now, Virgo man has been the best one. He tames my mood swings, he charms me with his intellectual mind, makes love like I’m the only girl in the world and fucks me naughty when I want it… A Virgo man is very understanding as at times scorpio’s can be overwhelming with emotions. I don’t like deciding, that’s when I love going to occasions with him because he plans from A to Z, saves me time and thinking. He is such a romantic that sometimes I think if its too good to be true it usually is… But Virgo man are just perfect for Scorpio women. Only downfall is that us Scorpio’s loves our freedom and ‘me’ time where Virgo just want to hold your hands and be with you all the time. Sounds good right? But ‘all’ Thw time, it drives me mad! And he gets a bit insecure when I hang out with male work colleagues or male long time friends… But overall a man that will be with you to end!

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