Why are taurus women so controlling in relationships?

traits of a pisces woman
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Question by Brianster: Why are taurus women so controlling in relationships?
I’m living with my taurus girlfriend due to financial reasons. I can’t stand being around her, but I have no where else to go. So instead I put up with her jealous rages. If she wasn’t such a heinous bitch I wouldn’t be cheating on her with the love of my life, which is a pisces woman. I’m cancer man btw.

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Answer by Joey
haha you retard you better not mess with pisces ill find you

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Question by Save me: What are typical aries men like and how do they get on with pisces women?
I have read in some books that aries men and pisces women will make for difficult relationships because water and fire signs are opposing, but I wanna know typical aries traits. Please tell me they arent like scorpio men! I have a feeling they may share a few traits with eachother. and are there any chances of a happy relationship between these two signs?

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Answer by islington2005
they are not at all like Scorpios!

Aries are energetic, natural leaders, like attention, a bit impatient, brave

I like them very much and I don;t really get on with Scorpios, I’m an Aquarian a bit like a Pisces so I think you should be OK

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