Why are Leos very bossy?

Question by : Why are Leos very bossy?
and domineering with women they love? what are the negative traits of Venus in Leo other than possessiveness and domineering and extreme attention seeking?

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Answer by Joseph the Second
-Because THAT’s the Way Lions tends to Be (and who are WE- to Argue ?!). ;)

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Question by *: Scorpion women and Leo male?
I have a Scorpion love interest who always questions my motives. I am an outspoken person: so I tend to say whatever I feel. Usually after I say something, she’ll always ask: “What made you say that?” And sometimes I’ll walk in the room and she’ll just stare at me. I’ll walk in, start socializing with people and she’ll just be staring at me.

Is suspicion a trait Scorpion women have; always wanting to know things?

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Answer by PrettyWings
No, she’s just trying to turn you on and give you subtle hints at the same time by glaring at you.

They are just curious lil folks.

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