Who would be dominant Aries or Leo?

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Question by JM: Who would be dominant Aries or Leo?
Would an Aries woman with Mars in Aries get along with a Leo man who has Mars in Scorpio?

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Answer by King of the Zodiac
Neither would be dominant; they would just go their separate ways if they couldn’t work it out. I’m a Leo with an Aries brother. We’re barely on speaking terms, and I’m sure neither of us could care less.

Edit: Aries would be more willing to try to work it out than Leo though.

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Question by Bad Kitty: Pisces/aries cusp man and leo woman compatibility?
I recently met the most amazing guy. He was born on March 20th. I’m a leo woman born on August 13th. I have never met anyone on a cusp before so I’m struggling finding out about him. I would just like to know if anyone can shed some light on his character traits and any other information in general and also our compatibility.

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Answer by sharbiebarbie
Your romantic compatibility is the placement of your Venus, but based on your sun signs- the combination tears it up in the bedroom. You two are so hot you melt the sheets, but when the lights come back on, it’s bright and you see each others flaws with amazing clarity.
You are a feel-good about yourself and see the world as you see it kind of girl. Every morning you leap out of bed and look for things to do for the good of yourself and mankind. He is a introspective ‘wooways meeee kinda guy. He gets you to feel sorry for him a LOT! This doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his rough breaks in life, but c’mon get over it already!
You will find that ultimately his moods drag you down. You don’t have a lot in common or share the same interests and it always seems that he forgot his wallet or is down on his luck just about everywhere you two go. The dates always end with you flat broke and a peck on the cheek and him with the giant stuffed panda bear you won him, scurrying off to meet his next date.
If you like 2nd or even 3rd place then this is your guy.

He has a lot of freaky, near death experiences, I would just be friends if I were you.

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