who is the alpha female to you? and what is your zodiac sign? and what signs do you think is alpha?

Scorpio men are not quick to forgive, and they often prefer stinging you back once stung. Avoid hurting a Scorpio male with insight from an experienced and c…

Question by Lunarshater: who is the alpha female to you? and what is your zodiac sign? and what signs do you think is alpha?
My definition to Alpha female. Contrary to popular belief, the alpha female are not hot-headed, angry, impulsive, judgmental,dominant born-leader females who think highly of themselves. It is opposite to alpha male character.. they are patient, smart, nurturing, strong, intuitive, confident and moral females who know how to maintain peace and care the society they live in and their family..They are the one who have the leadership ability and ethical character and make sure things are done in a right way. not their on way…And they are the one who attract and win over a lot of dominant alpha male

therefore according to my definition,
most cardinal signs are alpha female,
the most alpha is cancer (cardinal feminine water)-ultra feminine, caring strong morally upright female
then Capricorn (cardinal famine earth)- feminine, hard working, socially upright, strong working ethic female
then Libra (cardinal air)-nice, social, fair minded, beautiful female
then aries(cardinal fire )- rational, right minded, strong independent female

Then the second comes to pieces (although emotional, sensitive, they are talented, nice and innocent beautiful sweethearts who can make any man fall in love with her)
then the third comes, the taurian female (feminine, strong, stubborn caring homebodies with the beauty of the goddess venus,,,
then the Virgo the innocent looking virgins, who is nice, caring and business like women, some of who can make more money than other female at the same time they are emotionally strong in relationship which are more business-like, making most male to break heart
then the Scorpio, feminine but intense strong minded female who are rather intimidating and dominating .. also a big heart breaker too
then the gemini- intelligent chatty gossiping female of the zodiac who know how to talk to everyone on the earth.. they are big communicator although they are not very feminine
then the sagittarius – who has similar trait like gemini, immature, impatient, hot-headed, intelligent female who know how to be honest, communicative, and how to get things done in a shirt time
then the aquarius and leo.. who are strong, stubborn and dominant type.. but very masculine and emotionally detached.. but fail mostly in family life..

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Answer by Ananya
Well according to YOUR definition of alpha female, I would say Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo. I don’t think the rest of hot headed, stubborn etc girls fail in their family life, both the partners need to make compromises if they actually love the person they are with. But these later signs which you don’t like apparently need real and intelligent man to handle them, not male chauvinists who thinks dominance should be of man in a family, they are strong and equal to man in every way and they express it.

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Question by you don’t say?: The Zodiac Signs & it’s Criminals.. isn’t this weird?
It has been established that zodiac signs directly correlate to the type of crime they are likely to commit; additionally, the sign can, in a way, determine the crime likely to be committed.

The zodiac signs are divided into different categories: Fire signs are Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. Of the three, Sagittarius has a higher population of criminals and they are more difficult to capture. The Aries are usually armed, while Leos are usually very dangerous.

Another category of the zodiac signs is the air signs. They are Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Libras have the largest criminal percentage compared to the rest of the air signs. Libras are usually armed and very dangerous. Geminis are involved in fraud crimes. Aquarians usually commit crimes based on revenge.

Earth signs are Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. In this category, the criminals are usually caught. Of the earth signs, Taurus is quite dangerous and usually temperamental. Virgos are also usually armed. Capricorns are usually all-around criminals.

Water signs are Cancers, Scorpio and Pisces. Cancers are the largest majority of criminals among all the zodiac signs. They are also usually very violent. Scorpios and Pisces have hot tempers, too.

According to the FBI website fbi.gov, Cancers are the most booked criminals and are the the most dangerous of zodiac signs. In descending order from Cancer for the number of crimes committed is Taurus; Sagittarius is the third on the list, then Aries, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini.

Cancers are usually known for being mostly passion killers. They kill multiple times and they leave some kind of markings on their victims’ bodies to distinguish themselves. This kind of killer is usually thought to be mentally unstable.

Taurus is usually involved in money laundering. They are clever and they do most of their crimes in solitude.

Sagittarius are con artists, robbers and thieves. They do not, in most cases, hurt their victims.

Aries are usually hired to do their crimes. Capricorns are mostly involved in organized crime; they are rated as being more sadistic than Scorpio. Virgos are burglars and hackers. Libras are usually corrupt people. Pisces are mostly in drug-related crimes.

The Gemini criminal does not take things seriously; they are con artists and thieves. Leos usually are involved in criminal activity for the sole reason of getting recognition; they do not get into petty crime. Scorpios are contract killers. Aquarius’ are hackers and hustlers, and con artists involved mainly in manipulation.

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Answer by foxyninamama
that is so cool and kinda freaky

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