Who is a better match for Pisces? Virgo man, or Taurus/Aries cusp male?

Question by ThatGirl: Who is a better match for Pisces? Virgo man, or Taurus/Aries cusp male?

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Answer by ~мяѕ ναη∂євιℓт
Neither is ideal, but I’d go with the Virgo. Opposites tend to attract in astrology, and though problems will undoubtedly arise, it proves to be good in the long-term.
I think the Taurus/Aries cusp would simply be too stubborn and harsh for the gentle and all-seeing Pisces. If the Taurus/Aries cusp has a sun in Taurus, it might be a bit better, but still not great. If the sun is in Aries, there’s no chance.

Pisces sun

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Question by About H: if you believe in astrology do you believe in jesus?
like i am a cancer and i believe every trait that astroligists say about cancer but i am also a christian and i really love the stars but i dont worship them i just love astrology so what does this mean

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Answer by Ben D
I believe Jesus lived and died.

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