which is the most compatible sun sign for pisces women?

Pisces and Libra by KT, The Astrologer

Hey baby, what’s your sign?’ It might be the cheesiest pickup line in history, but if you know their Sun sign, you can find out a lot about how the two of you will match up. Will you get along like two peas in a pod? Can you expect long conversations or awkward silences; a meeting of the minds or absolutely nothing in common? KT, The Astrologer provides insight into the 144 sun sign combinations.
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Question by amruta: which is the most compatible sun sign for pisces women?
i have heard a lot about compatibility.is it really true?i mean this do thing really helps for a healthy relationship?

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Answer by ?

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Question by alrichar6: Scorpio Men and the lies they tell?
I am a Virgo female, and I have been with my Scorpio b/f for two years.
I keep hearing that Scorpio’s are prolific liars and manipulators. My Vrigo mind is now looking for signs of these traits.
Will a Scorpio man be with a woman for two years if he truly didnt love her? Will they say they wanna get married if they have no intention on following thru? What are some signs that I could look for?

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Answer by hazeleyes202001
Stop Stop Stop!!!

If you are looking for some type of “dirt” on him, more than likely, you’ll start pushing him away! I know Virgos love to analyze the crap outta things, but come on! Don’t do that, especially if things are going well.

Your thoughts ALWAYS manifest themselves, good or bad.

Communicate your feelings with him, simple as that.

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