Which is a better pairing (astrology)?

Question by Kania: Which is a better pairing (astrology)?
A Scorpio man/Cancer woman pairing or a Scorpio man/Virgo woman pairing?
Scorpio (year of the horse)
Cancer (year of the monkey)
Virgo (year of the dragon)

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Answer by ♕QueenOfTheZodiac♕
Scorpio man, Leo woman pairing.
It’s the most interesting, fulfilling pairing ever, and the sex is just…to die for!

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Question by BabyBlue: Scorpio Woman – Pisces Man, will it work? I have chart info.?
We are both VERY sensitive. He is Pisces with Sagg rising and moon in Scorpio, I am Scorpio w/ Libra rising and moon in Virgo, both of us have have Mars in Aries and I have Pisces in my 5th house and he has Scorpio in Neptune in his 11th house. Thank You.
Btw, we are very bonded so far and the sex has been otherworldly, omg! He is just quite possessive of me which I didn’t think Pisces were.

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Answer by I’M a pisces
All water signs are possessive in one way or another. Yup sex with 2 water signs is the greatest feeling trust me. Well both of you need to give each other space. Us pisces need space that’s for sure. Oh & yes us pisces can be very possessive. We want to make sure no one steals you from us plus we are worried about your over well being!That’s all. I am just protective period & im a female!

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