Which do you prefer, Leo Woman or Aquarius Woman?

Some more N traits and how they applied to the people in my life.
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Question by Aqua08: Which do you prefer, Leo Woman or Aquarius Woman?
What are the better or preferred traits between the two that make one better to be around than the other? Im an aqua and I’m curious to know about how others see my sign in comparison with my opposite sign Leo.

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Answer by Anthony M
Aquarius Woman

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Question by ϟ doomsayer ϟ: horoscopes: interprete your own avatar: why did you choose it?
you can interprete psychologically or astrologically (same thing to me).

better yet interprete others’ avatars and tell why they suck or rock or whatever.

(inspired by the user who goes by the nickname mercury rising. huge top gun glasses and fake mustache? why? aqua much? just trying to stand out? want to be a guy? penis envy? )
aly: why she is your favorite? she is something similar or opposite of you? start from there. and share the stuff if you have some guts. otherwise, yeah, you make an awesome sarcastic entry, i’m in awe.
sushko: so you are implying that people find you uber hot at audrey hepburn level (!) but then you are saying something like, hey i can’t see why so throw your dice, try me.
fugitive: biting lower lip, smiling, lying down…. right in that position. if someone were to right on top of you. ‘true’ personal point of view representation indeed.
queen: no, i like people who can put a few things together and make a story, i really do. no matter what they believe, even if opposite of what i believe, i like people who truly and completely believe in the things they believe with all they ‘heart’. i sense that in you and i think it’s genuine too. be woman, be feminine and be proud. i think that’s what you are saying i can’t be more agree.
pisces: butterfly chick huh? what’s her special attack prismatic rainbow? come on now, throw those punchers away.
antisocial: i don’t see it as silly and naive. it makes me think some kind of virus or something. aggressive, evil, satanic therefore. which fits with the decription.
intensity: she is ._______ ^^ and that’s not all of you, right, gotcha. but i guess you mean just because i put a sad girl there it doesn’t mean i’m a sad girl too.
gemini: more like you just can’t use a camera. seriously though, blurry means evasive generally which doesn’t go well with gemini. but then again you type gemini upside-down, so that should mean something too.
panta rei: everthing changes, nothing stays the same. beautiful is temporary. but that’s a nice avatar indeed, greek language cool too, in my totally subjective opinion.
: except you are pretty fancy just by being yourself. let me see it a bit bigger (activate stalk mode) oh. yeah. you are pretty hot and you know it. if someone were to tell me this is jennifer lopez’s daughter i’d so totally believe that.
: one of the most dominant characteristics of garfield is being an opportunist too though. garfield is so cancerian indeed. both sweet and evil at the same time.
: the fact you notice me stalking you so fast means you stalking me too babe. seriously though, i’m too old for you :)
: so prophecy come true! next ‘avatar’ lover finally arrived! yayz!

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Answer by Aly
I chose my avatar because she’s my favorite comic character.

Wow, I am uncovering so many hidden depths of my psyche.

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