When a virgo and a taurus breakup do they missed each other?

Question by WORLD WIDE: When a virgo and a taurus breakup do they missed each other?
Im a VIRGO man and she a TAURUS

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Answer by yooper2007
i am sorry i just dont know

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Question by Karla: What do virgo men like about taurus women?
My mans a virgo and im a taurus its says were compatible but I want to hear a personal experience

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Answer by navi the sagittarius
This story was in year 7 so it’s more crushes rather than love and it’s a Taurus boy and Virgo girl.

She had a crush on him, she liked that he was good-looking (I used to like him way before she liked him but no-one knew) and he was funny. He was popular and clever, the problem was he didn’t like her back. She eventually stopped liking him. Good story right:)

That’s the only Taurus-Virgo thing i know from personal experience. You’re both earth signs so you both understand eachother and balance everything. There’s an attraction and you think alike.

I can’t really say much more, if he’s with you, he obviously likes you:)

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