What zodiac sign is ideal for Scorpios?

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Question by scorpiophoenix13: What zodiac sign is ideal for Scorpios?

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Answer by Adrianne
Seems like Sagittarius…
I’m a Sagittarius and I have only ever dated Scorpios!!

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Question by Molly of the zodiac<3: Which sign was the best in bed for you?
I am asking this question again for Evil Sagittarius, on her question everyone was calling her a sl-t i mean wow it’s ok for men to talk about these things but when it comes to women now it’s such a big deal so let me go ahead and tell u first because i don’t give a fck and i will tell u.

Cancer – sent me to extacy it was so agressive did it in many places.
Scorpio – blahh in bed nearly broke it but whatever he’s a loser.
Leo – mmmm he was like the king of the bedroom he taught me how to “RAWRRR”
Aries – sefvgefrg IT WAS ON FIRE BABY
Pisces – fell asleep
Libra – he was so good at giving head he knew how to work that tongue but his dinky couldn’t stay erected he was a 1 minute man soon flung that sh*t right out of my bed.
Virgo – let’s just say i never screamed so loud in my life
Sagittarius – This man gave good backshots omg..

I am now just waiting for the rest of the signs to walk my way and accidently jump into my bed ;)

NO! i am not a sl-t, i am just talking like a man would i mean if a man can say these things why can’t i ;)

I’m waiting for your abuse :D

Aries sun
Libra asc
Leo venus
Scorpio mars

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Answer by The MindStein
I haven’t got laid yet =(

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