What zodiac sign do you get along best with and what sign do you have the best conversations with?

Question by B: What zodiac sign do you get along best with and what sign do you have the best conversations with?
And what is your zodiac sign? I am Cancer sun, Virgo moon, Scorpio ascendant, Scorpio pluto, Mercury Leo

I get along with:

Capricorns – I don’t know why, I just do, I mean, they do seem to have a bad side to them and get angry easily and sometimes hold grudges BUT with my Capricorn aunt and lots of them I have spoken to, I tend to have deep conversations, it’s not just small talk like “Hey I’m glad you’re okay, I’m okay too, kbye”, we have more deep discussions about things we disagree with, for example, my Capricorn aunt, we will hear about a woman being abused by her husband and of course, we disagree with it, but we talk about that certain subject for hours on end, about why men do it, why women allow it, what makes them this way, why he does it, etc….. that’s just one example, I feel like I can be myself with her but all of my other aunts and even my mom who is a Leo, I feel like we don’t really agree on the same things. I also get along with other Cancerians because we have good conversations but some can be overly emotional.

Pisces –
I think Pisces men have good personalities most of the time. Ed Sheeran is a Pisces and he seems cool.

Taurus – I think a lot of them seem to have cool, chill, laid back, awesome personalities

I don’t get along with:

Sagittarius – I’m not saying that all of them are bad but the MEN annoy me. My brother seems to think that everything should be handed to him on a silver platter and that everyone should run around after him. His so lazy and childish and so possessive over food too which is so annoying. He thinks it’s okay for him to do something but not others to. Ugh he just annoys me, for example, he will go out and get mcdonalds, if I go out the next day and get myself some, he gets mad at me. WTF? We aren’t even that close :\

I have other examples of why I like Capricorns and don’t get along with a lot of Sagittarius (NOT ALL OF THEM, some of them can have sweet personalities).

What about you?
Aries sometimes annoys me too!
Also Libra men P*SS ME OFF, they are stupid and simple and love arguing. F*CK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by .:.cHaNnY~fAnNy.:.
Aries (as long as they aren’t too cocky.)
SOME Pisces.

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Question by breez222000: Which zodiac sign is the slowest to falll in love?
Ive been dating this Libra man for abt 4 months now,but sometimes i feel he doesnt want to show hes feelings,i can see that it seems that he holds some stuff inside.and also ive dated a taurus guy,which was kinda the same,like he seemed cool and evrything,like he didnt cared.but eventualy i broke up with the taurus guy,cuz he was not sure what he wanted in love.so i was wondering who had an experience with a libra man.is it frustrating sometimes to show hes love or he cares?cuz i feel like i have to be patient with this Libra guy,and he seems like a nice guy as i know.and i noticed that taurus and libra are ruled by venus and maybe thats another reason?so tell me ur opinions.
add ur sun sign as well.;-)
Well this is hes chart:

Mine is:

Best answer:

Answer by Cassidy.
Actually, it really depends on all the signs in the chart. Some say Capricorns take awhile, but I have a Sagittarius moon, and I ONLY fall in love at first sight. I know a Taurus/Gemini whose the same way.

If you have a sun AND moon in these signs, either different or the same, you’ll be slow: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio or Pisces.
If you have at least one sign in the following as either sun or moon, you’re much faster: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and especially Leo

If you have one in each sign, you’re more likely to fall in love quickly, but also last as long as someone whose slow. These are by far the best.

And hey, to add to that, at least he isn’t buttering you up for cookies. He asked you out, so he likes you. And he’s probably just trying to be cool. Open up, talk to him, and be charming and lovely. Treat him like a man, and put your hands on his chest.He’ll open up if you open up first! Women start everything, but guys make it official. Remember that!

I’m a Scorpio sun, Sagittarius Moon, Pisces Rising, And Aquarius in Venus and Mars.

And BTW, you’re soulmate has your same sun and moon signs, but switched. (Say you’re a Cancer sun Capricorn moon, you’ll fall in love with a Capricorn sun and Cancer moon. This is the case for prince William and Kate! :) )

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