What sign is Aries most compatible with?

This is the real deal on dating an Aries and understanding the way they work and how the more hard to get you play they love you more and more.
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Question by Tessa: What sign is Aries most compatible with?
I’m an Aries and just very curious, details are awesome btw.

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Answer by Freya

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Question by SwagPincess: Why are Virgo men and Cancer women so compatible?
I’ve been in relationships with Capricorns, Scorpios, Geminis, and Virgos and so far my last relationship was with a Virgo man and it was…….words can’t explain it possibly my best relationship but it ended but I felt like I was the most compatible with a Virgo and I wanted to know why. I was born July 11th and he was born September 8th

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Answer by Max
virgo’s are really sweet, sensitive, caring people. they always think differently, our greatest strength is we have patients to think about the situation and then react and we keep our cool.
cancerians and virgos are compatable, my sis is cancerian getting married to a virgo guy and she always says the best part is that he is caring, very patient and slow to angry. :)

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