What Moon Signs are COmpatible together?

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Question by .: What Moon Signs are COmpatible together?
Are two of the same moons compatible??
Would two aquarius moons be compatible together??

How about if moons are squared ( taurus and aquarius) Is it really that bad?

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Answer by Ramona
Moon compatibility is very interesting. Astrologers find couples that have trouble living together and cannot live together do not have compatible moons. They can still date but they live apart. The way you react to things and what environment you NEED in your home is determined by your moon sign. Air and fire moons like a lot of activity and people in their lives(except aries moon, they are loner-ish. Aquarius moons want a lot of people in their lives especially). Air moons will have lots of people in their house usually, fire moons like to party, both moons like their home to be a place of freedom. The feminine moons like their homes to be grounded, calm, a place of security. Water moons don’t like disturbing influences in the home, they need privacy, lots of seclusion even. Earth moons want the home to be comfortable, quiet, a reliable and boring home life is fine. Any feminine moon can live with another feminine moon, and any masculine moon can live with someone else with a masculine moon. Even if they are in opposite signs. Opposite moon signs generate a lot of attraction and interest. Aquarius moon with Aquarius moon would be good, even ideal to some people.

Any pairing between the signs in these lists would be compatible:

M: Aquarius-Aries-Gemini-Leo-Libra-Sagittarius

F: Taurus-Cancer-Virgo-Scorpio-Capricorn-Pisces

Taurus moon with Aquarius moon? Not good. My brother has Taurus moon. It baffles him that some people live in a home where lots people visit, come in and out at many hours, and DO so much. Taurus moons are really lazy and grounded, earthy, I lived with one for 18 years. They like to eat a lot and are possessive with belongings. Now AQuarius moons are very jumpy and like to do a lot of things, they react to life in a mental way while Taurus moon reacts in a grounded way. Taurus is down to earth and AQuarius is up in the air. Aquarius will get angry at Taurus for being so possessive with physical belongings and not allowing them to have as much freedom in the house as they need. It will not be pretty.

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Question by pandaBEAR.: I’m a Sagittarius/Snake, and he is a Virgo/Dragon. Good match?
I understand astrology is not the only component in discovering whether or not two people are a good match for each other, but it is something interesting/fun to think about. Just lookin’ for some opinions from other Sadges/Virgos/Snakes/Dragons/astrology enthusiasts! :P

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Answer by anonymous
The following paragraphs are excerpts from a lovely little book entitled, “The Zodiac”. It is made by the line, “Little Giant Encyclopedia”. -Enjoy!

Sagittarius Snake
“Honorable snakes who have a sense of morality that other snakes lack, they feel more social responsibility and are generous with money. They are not as bothered with their appearance as other snakes, which makes them more approachable.”

Virgo Dragon
“Analytical Virgo and brash dragon do not always make a harmonious combination. They are precise, cannot resist an intellectual challenge, and love solving puzzles. As dragons, these people are not so make-believe; they are more realistic. Underneath their harsh exteriors, however, they are well-meaning people.”

Snake with Dragon
A well-matched couple, snakes are clever enough to let dragons think they are in charge. Dragons are pleased to associate with elegant snakes. Together, they can achieve a lot.

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