what kind of girl does Taurus man like… ?


Question by teddy_killa: what kind of girl does Taurus man like… ?
feminine shy quiet at times timid or …loud noisy talks too much liking attention?

I’m a virgo… and tend to be secretive and private because of my scorpio placement.
and this this taurus man said he likes it lol
and I’m the first type

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Answer by White Kate
Taurus man like scorpio girl

Taurus man is diligent, hardwork, and believable, would be a good husband!

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Question by : Which sign is most compatible with a Libra-Scorpio cusp woman?
I was born on October 24, 1982. My new admirer is a Leo man and I am a Libra-Scorpio cusp woman (with Scorpio being dominant). I think this guy likes me a lot and he has been trying to get intimate with me and he keeps praising me before the class we attend. He recently told our teacher that he wants to stand near me and be photographed and not near any other woman. He also invited me to join him at his workplace, but for the same shift at which he works. Does he love me? Will he be compatible with me? He doesn’t email me or reply to my mails on Facebook, but he added me as his friend (maybe he is shy). He recently asked me out, but I being a shy girl and all refused him. I wanted to protect his privacy and mine too, but he believes in PDAs and after understanding my feelings, he caressed my hands, but only in front of 5 boys and only after my classmates already went home. Is he the one I am looking for? I have never met a man as friendly, kind or understanding as he? What I don’t understand is whether he likes me and why he does not call or mail me and why he prefers to show everyone openly that he likes me. I also don’t understand whether he is waiting for our relationship to become official. Please answer this question as soon as possible.
I want to know the answer both from a practical angle as well as from the astrological angle. I would want more answers coming in. Thanks.
I also want to know why he is giving me mixed signals. I wish to really just know, if this is my guy – maybe from his behavior or his zodiac sign. Should I wait for him to make the first move? Is this my true love or lust? Is it likely that he is using me or is it likely that he wants me badly. I am so confused.

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Answer by ad
the star of no one cares you shouldn’t pick people based on when the were born you should pick them by seeing if there actually compatible

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