What is the most compatible sign for a female Virgo?

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Question by Trixies Mama: What is the most compatible sign for a female Virgo?
The Virgo’s birth date is 08.28.87

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Answer by Twilight

That link is to a question I just answered earlier today. Read my answer and you’ll have yours.

Much luck.

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Question by That Girl: Women in relationships with Virgo men?
Yes they have some good qualities. They’re funny, and bright, and sometimes they can make the sweetest most thoughtful comments you thought you’d never hear a man say. But don’t they drive you nuts? With their need for everything to be in order, clean and proper? Or with their belief that if the show emotion, they somehow lost some battle? Plus they’re loners, and they keep you out of everything importand in their lives.

I think they hate women. Or they are afraid of them. Or both.
Unless they only behave like that to Scorpio women.
@veg: Maybe that’s something that you had to do to get by. Some of us actually HAVE a choice. :)

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Answer by veg_rose
What crap……….Take a person as you find them.

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