What is the compatibility of a cancer woman and cancer-leo cusp man?

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Question by Noelle W: What is the compatibility of a cancer woman and cancer-leo cusp man?
I’m a Cancer (July 15) with moon in Leo, Venus in Gemini, and Scorpio rising and I’m currently dating a Cancer/Leo (July 23)
with moon in Pisces, Venus in Virgo, and Scorpio rising. I’ve noticed a lot of things that we have in common with one another and a lot of times he reminds of myself. (For example, we’re both emotional and Many times I’m shy but at times I like to be the center of attention–I’m guessing its my cancer sun and leo moon combination– and I’ve noticed that he can be the same way.) I also notice some Leo traits in him from time to time. (He’s fun loving and can’t stand people who are sad a lot, etc.) We get along very well and I like him alot. Has anyone else that is a cancer had a relationship with anyone on the cancer/leo cusp? Could you give some advice on what I could expect and exactly how compatible do you think we are from an astrological point of view?

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Answer by Arch Angel
First, Cancer/Leo Cusp People
Cancer/Leos have a strong association with food. They are very imaginative and sensitive, making them excellent amateur chefs. Some go on to make a career out of cooking. Pleasure is important to those born on the Cancer/Leo cusp, and they like to spend money to feel good. Cancer/Leos tend to enjoy physical exercise, finding that sweat helps them counter the stress inherent in their emotional nature. They prefer to play in groups, rather than solo. They are too sociable to enjoy solitary running or weight lifting, and they much prefer team sports or group exercise.

In love relationships, Cancer/Leos top the charts in almost every area, from devotion to romance. The great strength of the Cancer/Leo is in their creativity and generosity with others. Sometimes these qualities combine, resulting in thoughtful gifts or unique solutions to problems. Cancer/Leos emotional orientation to life help them understand the difficulties their loved ones must work through.

Cancer and Leo:
There could be a mutual admiration society between these two from the moment they meet. Sparks will definitely fly and chemistry will be hot. There will be a powerful and electric chemistry that is perfect for sex and love.
Cancer will find financial luck with Leo. They will be proud to be in each other’s company and will love sharing the spotlight as a couple. Leo will help Cancer wash away negative moods and bring light to Cancer’s life. Cancer in turn can provide the loyalty and applause that Leo adores and craves. There will be many public displays of affection when these two are together. If these two signs want to make it last, Leo will need to understand how important constant affection is for Cancer. Cancer on the other hand will need to treat Leo like royalty at all times.

Cancer and Cancer:
This has the potential to work but both are so sensitive and psychic that they could come to wish they didn’t know how to read each others minds after all. Some relationships need a little mystery. At first they will feel they have found love.
They will share psychic experiences and secrets. They both agree on sex, love and devotion to significant others. Cancers feel their emotions on an almost psychic level. This could be beneficial to the relationship or it could backfire. They are both water signs, ruled by the Moon. Water needs water in order to sustain life but it also needs other elements like earth and air. Outside interests can keep the relationship balanced but there is an element of deception with family members or interference from friends and business associates. If both want it to last, they should be in the same profession, have similar interests and be extremely understanding of each other’s space.

Downplay the drama, deal with highs and lows and realize that no relationship is perfect. The choice is both of yours, Cancer!

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Question by Joanna U: Can someone analyze this combination?

Sun Capricorn
Moon Gemini
Mercury Sagittarius
Venus Sagittarius
Mars Scorpio
Jupiter Scorpio
Saturn Taurus
Uranus Libra
Neptune Sagittarius
Pluto Virgo
Asc unknown


Sun Capricorn
Moon Gemini
Mercury Sagittarius
Venus Aquarius
Mars Aries
Jupiter Sagittarius
Saturn Gemini
Uranus Libra
Neptune Sagittarius
Pluto Libra
Asc Gemini

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Answer by smkwtrjck
Why on Earth would anybody care?

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