What happens when you more than hurt a Virgo woman?

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Question by John L: What happens when you more than hurt a Virgo woman?
You’ll probably claim that I’m the most indecent man you’ve ever heard. As a taurus me I fell in love with a Virgo at first sight, fairly common in astrology I saw. Social network has developed thus far in order for me to write my confession of love to her but she never saw me more than a friend. Doing my research, I thought Taurus and Virgo was a great pair and I sat in confusion. I guess I took things too far and we always ended up fighting maybe because she wanted to be alone? 2 years and everything I do always reminds of her, the cold winter days and the heat of the summer and even the songs I listen to. My last conversation with her was that was trying to forget her so I burned the drawings (I’m an artist), and deleted all the photos I had of her AND I said “maybe you deserve this, **** you” my question is what now?

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Answer by VintageLondon
All I can say is Virgo woman look strong outside . Inside she is fragile . They are weak . If they hurt,they pretend to be fine .

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Question by Lorenzo: Who do Aquarius women go better with?
A Taurus man? or a Virgo man?

same applies for an Aquarius men.
Taurus girl? or Virgo girl?
Also, please choose and don’t add no crap that you researched on Google.

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Answer by Basketballgrl21
starsigns dont actually work, you do know that right? Its all about idividual personalities. If a girl/boy is a complete bitch, they wont “go better” with anyone, no matter their starsign

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