what attracts the scorpio man?

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Question by Valentina: what attracts the scorpio man?
Scorpio men …..what physical and mental traits attracts you?

any details……describe a Irresistable women please

for the scorpio men dating a women..what is she missing? what would you improve or change?

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Answer by Firework
One word; Vagina! Lol.

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Question by Joshy Boy: Tauren/Gemini Cusp MALE with Scorpian woman?
Im born on 22nd May which means Im half Taurean/Gemini so I share both traits. Any ideas what relatonship, marriage & family like is like with a Scorpian woman?

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Answer by julieisbest
Dude, I don’t give a crap about horoscopes and even I know it is “Taurus” and “Scorpio”.

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