What are the traits and personality of Pisces women, born March 16, 1988?

celebrities with the sun sign of Pisces, the sign which i find to be the most beautiful and the most mysterious.
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Question by cor: What are the traits and personality of Pisces women, born March 16, 1988?

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Answer by archer làdy
Emotional and caring

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Question by Make heads turn: Why do some pisces men like to choose women are “unavailable”?
I know a lot of pisces guy including my dad who go for women that are unavailable to be in a committed relationship (i.e. women who are already in a committed relationship) or women who are slutty. They choose to these type of women to be the love of their life when they have a ready and willing woman right in front of their faces!!!

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Answer by Been There
Sun-in-Pisces creates a flexible personality, because Pisces is a Mutable sign. Mutable signs can be very changeable, changing their minds often, being able to feel too ways at the same time (ambivalence) and therefore finding it difficult to make up their mind.
The Sun represents how we need to be if we are going to feel whole and complete, so Mutable Sun-signs are more comfortable in situations where there options are open. Sometimes this includes not wanting to commit … and when you go after an “unavailable” person, there is no pressure to commit, is there?

Now, a lot depends on the other factors in the person’s chart. For instance, if they have a lot of Fixed signs, more than Mutable signs, this Mutable Sun-sign person will want consistency in their life, and will not be inclined to “keep their options open” nor to pick unavailable people to chase after. The same thing can happen with Fixed signs for Venus, Moon, 5th or 7th houses in the chart.

You will not discover any great “truths” about a person if all you look at is their Sun sign. You always need to look at the entire chart.

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