What are the BAD characteristics of every zodiac sign?

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Question by Mercury Pearl: What are the BAD characteristics of every zodiac sign?
I’m mainly asking this question based on the Male’s bad characteristics of every zodiac sign.
For example, I just heard that Virgo Men say things they don’t mean in relationships (like “I love you” and they don’t mean it). What are other bad characteristics of each zodiac sign when it comes to men/relationships or just in general?

I’ve also heard that Aries people have terribly mean tempers.
and Gemini people (me) can never make up their minds – which is actually very true for me.

Best answer:

Answer by spicy pisces ;)
Aries- think they are better than you because guys like them but they just get used for sex
Gemini- have big foreheads, two faced & think they are all that
Leos- think that theyy are the best sign
Virgos- sexyyy<3 nothing bad about them
Libras- talk too much
Pisces- sensitive but beautiful (im not a typical pisces so dont get it twisted bytches)
Scorpio- think they are good in bed when most of the men need to englargen their penises and get more agressive in bed
Cancer- TOO SENSITIVE, i mean come on he cried because i didnt hug him :\
Sag- they give birth to u and put u up for adoption all because they want to be free (thanks mom)
Aquarius- hmmm…they ok jus a bit too intellectual for me

What do you think? Answer below!

Question by <-Moi!: Which sign or signs are known to express their positive traits the most?
Would it be Aries with their energetic ways? Or Libra with their partnership ways? Or blah blah blah etc.

List each signs (or just one sign) you personally believe expresses their positive traits the most and what are those traits? Example of traits being kind, helpful, etc. Please give greater details when explaining those traits too.

How would you know this? Have you’ve come across a lot of people or even live with this specific sign or signs that always expresses their positive traits?

Also what is your sign?

Some people may want to know this, So I am a Libra.

Best answer:

Answer by Sarah
Air (Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius)-they like to avoid conflict and are generally easy going..

Fire (Aries, Sag, Leo) They say what they think, get it out of the way, then want to have a good time…

Watch out for the water signs they plot scheme lie…ugghhh..stay away from cancer men..

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