What are signs that a Virgo guy likes you?

Tips on how to get with a Libra Man and what they’re like when it comes to dating.
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Question by zodiac=]: What are signs that a Virgo guy likes you?
how does a Virgo act when he’s interested in you?

He’s a Virgo sun Gemini moon Virgo mercury Leo Venus libra mars

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Answer by Mopar Muscle Gal
they call you and want to talk for a really long time
(but if you call them- they dont want to stay on the phone very long )
they want to show you that they’re strong and capable of doing things for you

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Question by Top Model: Why are Capricorn moons so hard to get close to?
This person is very distant and and my best friend which is his sister says he likes me, but he has issues with girls because his life is so unbalanced. His brother also said that this guy has a crush on me. I’d like to get closer to him, but sometimes I feel like he’s so distant that its impossible. According to my friend, he never received mother affection so he doesn’t really know how to treat ladies. But I’m willing to be patient. This is his chart

Libra Sun
Capricorn Moon
Scorpio Mercury
Libra Mars
Virgo Venus

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Answer by Scorpio Gem ♥
I don’t think it’s the Capricorn moon. I think it’s more so the Virgo Venus than anything. They’re very skeptical and serious shoppers.

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