Virgo women cancer men ?

Pisces and Capricorn by KT, The Astrologer

Hey baby, what’s your sign?’ It might be the cheesiest pickup line in history, but if you know their Sun sign, you can find out a lot about how the two of you will match up. Will you get along like two peas in a pod? Can you expect long conversations or awkward silences; a meeting of the minds or absolutely nothing in common? KT, The Astrologer provides insight into the 144 sun sign combinations.
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Question by : Virgo women cancer men ?
ok soo I’m a Virgo cancer and I’m just curious how’s a cancer men in bed I tried a Scorpio and loved it rawrrrrr are cancers the same or more gentle I hear there really sensetive and they like to give out little gift when they are in a relationship and there mommies boys so has any Virgo women has dated a cancer men?

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Answer by LotusBeauty
I never tried but my best guy buddies are Cancer and omg they’re the sweetest thing . We can talk on the phone for hours about anything and when we are arund each other very playful and lots laugh. When we are down we lift each other up never bringing each other down.We help each other finacially too ! I love Cancer men there best but never really dated because of the fact I’m too shy to bust a move or inscure so I feel safe this way lol – that has nothing to do with the sex but I can only imagine if everything else is great with them.

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Question by Liz: Aquarius Man. Sex. Birth Chart?
I would like to know anything you could tell me about this man in bed. A physical thing.
What is his way of flirting?
What would he be like in bed?
What kind of look is he drawn to?
Any hidden kinks or things he is likely to enjoy?

Sun Aquarius
Moon Leo
Mercury Capricorn
Venus Aquarius
Mars Taurus
Jupiter Scorpio
Saturn Capricorn
Uranus Leo
Neptune Scorpio
Pluto Virgo
Lilith Taurus
Asc node Libra

*I know astrology doesn’t define people but as a guideline I am curious.
Thank you.

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Answer by angelfly
He has a venus in aquarius…which means in a relationship he might like group dates or anything related to adventure…….in bed, he should be a little too conservative cuz his mars is in taurus. at the same time, for venus in aquarius, sex is just not that important…… also if he can have some mood swing problem. that is, if he is given too much priority he’ll want space or care little less about the partner. keep things interesting for him. and you should be fine. he has a good staying power since he has too many fixed signs in his chart. his mercury is in capricorn which means he might come off as a bit nervous when he talks…additionally, in communication he might first think before saying anything.
he is drawn to women he can talk to….communication for venus in aquarius is important. but be careful about ego which might suddenly come in between the two of you. he might not like it coming from you….so keep it in check.

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