Virgo woman, Sagittarius Man?

Question by VirgoChick: Virgo woman, Sagittarius Man?
I would really like to know how compatible we are! Our strengths and weaknesses as a couple? I have been with my Sagi hubby for 8 years now!

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Answer by Lindsey
okay seriously lady. you’ve been married for eight years and yet you’re still basing your compatibility on when u were born? u realize that all depends on when your parents conceived u right? if you’re in love does it really matter when u were born?

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Question by #1 Girl -She’s Bittersweet-: Which Combination is better, Sag Woman with Cancer Man OR Sag Woman with Virgo Man?
I know none is the best match.
However, which match is better?

Just curious.

I’d truly appreciate if you can give me your personal comments on this. Ty!

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Answer by New Nana
I am a Sag woman and I have a Cancer man. I love him dearly. We tend to have to give them a little push in life now and then. They are a bit moody and tend to lay down while we want to go go go.

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