Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man–Compatibility?

Hey baby, what’s your sign?’ It might be the cheesiest pickup line in history, but if you know their Sun sign, you can find out a lot about how the two of you will match up. Will you get along like two peas in a pod? Can you expect long conversations or awkward silences; a meeting of the minds or absolutely nothing in common? KT, The Astrologer provides insight into the 144 sun sign combinations.
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Question by 0012300: Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man–Compatibility?
I know that Virgo and Scorpio are our sun signs and that other signs (such as moon, rising, etc.) come into play—but I don’t know the additional sign’s for the Scorpio.

So in general—how compatible are the two?

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Answer by ice man
Virgo and Scorpio’s are a perfect match

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Question by SheerFantasy: sextrology continued…………………?

“Why are you wearing that dress I can see everything” is their comment, when you know it’s
going to come off when the action starts. But once the clothes are off the Virgos come on,
with all guns blazing.

Virgo is the virgin in the metaphysical sense in case you are having the wrong ideas!!! All
Virgos like to have control over their relationships.

The Virgo man is the original cool dude but that only conceals a passionate and deep
emotional intensity when it comes to love and relationship. The average Virgo is industrious
in all that he undertakes to do. A Virgo is choosy in love, relationship and a sexual liaison and
he will go to any lengths to make the girl feel that she is all that matters to him on the planet.

The Virgo woman has an extremely agile mind that doesn’t allow her to relax or even sleep.
Since she is ruled by Mercury, she is like quicksilver in all that she does. Mercury being her
ruling planet has given her a very analytical mind and this means she wants look very critically
at your protestations of love.

Where sex is concerned, both the Virgo man and woman like to proceed slowly exploring
every nuance of the relationship, before climaxing in wild sex. They take a little time to get
used to you. You just can’t drag them off to bed.

A Virgo generally likes a lot subtle pre-play, role-play and then only foreplay and finally to
some volatile love-making.


If you hear music like Mozart’s Eine Kline nachtmusik and see candle lights in the living room
and hallway, then you can be sure your partner is a Libran. Almost all Librans are very refined
and very romantic when it comes to love and sex. You have to court a Libra. So if your Libra
is a male, keep calling him up and ask him out to a cozy dinner at La Scalia and he will go for
you. Ditto for the Libra woman.

You see, Libra is depicted by a pair of scales evenly and it’s true that the plain old Libran is
always well balanced.

The Libra man is always in harmony with his environment. He loves beauty and is very
esthetic even on the dance floor; You will not catch him doing the Lambda but a rather
dashing tango.

You will know that there is a Libra woman around if the place or the immediate environment
is peaceful and tranquil. The Libra woman is always balanced in all her dealings and relations.
She is always the perennial good friend and mediator in all the relationship mess-ups.

Sex with a Libran, man or woman is always an adventure and great fun at that. Variations,
tricks and everything that goes will go on in bed where the Libra man or woman is
concerned. Sex is an exquisite experience with them and seduction is their art.

Librans are happiest when they’re in a relationship and are always on the hunt for their
perfect soul mate.


You ever watched a scorpion scurrying about? All human Scorpions are alike that, scurrying
about in a primal kind of way. All Scorpions are intense with all that they do, including sex.
Sex with a Scorpion is a “no-holds” barred affair.

The average Scorpio is rather adorable, loves to tell a joke, is energetic and has a very good
sense of humor. The Scorpio always gets what they want. They can be quite talkative but
not garrulous. They are romantic in a surprising kind of way and love the intimacy of sex.

The Scorpio male does tend to make sex an important part of his life and explores sex in all
its dimensions. The Scorpio male in love can be very passionate and are very loyal to their

The Scorpio woman on the other hand is the most mysterious person where her love life and
sexuality are concerned. It takes time for her to thaw and she can be very passionate
sexually. She is a trusted friend but you have to first win her trust.

Sex for the Scorpio takes time. For they like to be primed first and that means a lot of gentle
foreplay in the beginning before it ends in luxurious sex.


If you find your man cracking a few jokes with the barmaid, relax. And if your girl is
exchanging phrases with that sex Italian waiter, cool down, it doesn’t mean a thing. It is just
their way of fun. Those are Sagittarians…

Sagittarians are very independent when it comes to sex. They are given to long term
relationships. They are also very giving in love and are always ready to make sacrifices for the
sake of love.

A Sagittarian male is a truly bold and passionate lover. He is very adventurous in his approach
to love-making. Though there is a restless streak in the Sagittarian male, he will not stray or
go from relationship to relationship.

The Sagittarian woman is full of creative fire and is always on the look-out for ways to fulfill
her dreams. You will not find a Sagittarian woman standing still. She will be always on the
move looking for things to move.

When it comes to sex, the average Sagittarian will have an opinion and will brook
BTW..I’m a Virgo!! I can tell you a little more about us!! Loves Shoes!! Shoe fettish! Loves leather, tatoos, piercings, facial hair, bikers! pretty much the bad boys!! Kinda slow to get warmed up but once we do….LOOK OUT!! Good girl in public and a FREAK behind closed doors!!

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Answer by Debbie
there isn’t mine.. haha..

answer mine?;_ylt=AjOYbHNhnof73DIJCB3TPm3j5nNG;_ylv=3?qid=20100715214150AAlN8c4

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