Virgo sun Aquarius moon compatibility with Pisces sun Scorpio moon?

Question by lulu: Virgo sun Aquarius moon compatibility with Pisces sun Scorpio moon?
I’m a Virgo girl with an Aquarius moon and Venus in libra
He is a Pisces with a Scorpio moon and Venus in Pisces
Any insights?

Best answer:

you might get bored in the long run, and you are much less emotional, he is much more emotional and intense, however the attraction here )pisces and virgo is pretty compatible) and aquarius and scorpio moon pairing is a really flamboyant one, both of you are stubborn in your own way. however in love, you would probably like to keep it light and fun MOST of the time and you rationalise your emotions and keep them under check, so you probably WONT get his deeep emotions that are also complex, because of his scorpio moon.

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Question by Niharika: What is the perfect match for virgo sun sign?

Best answer:

Answer by Shellie
we’re both earth signs and we’re practical. We complement each other in many ways. Ok, we’re nt romantic and we’re moody, bt so far virgo ppl knw hw to handle us, and in return we give our everlasting support.

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