Virgo men, do you have a lingerie preference for women in bed?

Question by tat: Virgo men, do you have a lingerie preference for women in bed?
I’m trying to figure out what to surprise my Virgo with that i know he would love and find sexy, it’s still a new relationship and i don’t want to ask. He usually ignores my lingerie and just takes everything off right away

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Answer by David
We prefer the birthday suit, so lose it. And we prefer a nude beach as well for swimming, if not wear a thong bikini bottom.

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Question by miranda12345: how is the relationship between saggitarrian man and a saggitarian women?
which sign do you think is the best for saggittarius women?

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Answer by Simply Irresistable
Oooh! I’m a sag too :)

Sag men and women are great but I don’t wanna give you too much of my opinion of it because I just had a bad experience with one and I don’t wanna be biased. I can tell you this – you guys get each other. You guys will understand each other’s need for independence and not wanting to be so clingy but sometimes…it’s weird being w. someone who’s EXACTLY like you at times…depends on how you view that though but I feel that once in a while you want someone a little different to balance you out.

Cancers seem to girlie and sensitive…which can be a turn off

Pieces…mmm recently had an experience with one and he was waay “into me” and ifyou’re a typical Sag, you would understand why it’s a turn off

Gemini – very attractive and very funny, flirty, and charming…it’s just that they go from happy to sad in a blink of an eye…damn twins haha

Libra – man…how i love libras…but I’ve read bad things about them but like w. everything, it depends on the person. They are very charming and actually…very similiar to a Sag…just be careful tho because they can be too charming…they can out-wit you…which is weird because no one can do that but us, sags! Thing i love about libras is that they are BLUNT and HONEST like Sags :) Very refreshing

Virgo – was in a relationship w one and we worked waaay better as friends but relationship-wise…it was tolerable…i think you wouldn’t be “madly in love” though…I dated another virgo and now that i think about it, they can come off as arrogrant and smart a$ $ es…soo annoying. They always somehow take your open-mindedness as you being naive WHICH IS NOT EVEN THE CASE. They belittle you when you’re always wanting to know the truth and what’s up

that’s what i’ve got so far but good luck!

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