Virgo man & Scorpio Woman love?

When trying to date a Scorpio, understand that the Scorpio is constantly thinking about sex and always puts 100 percent into activities. Learn what it takes …
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Question by hey♥: Virgo man & Scorpio Woman love?
My friend asked in while texting if he liked me. Each time he was like “Maaaayyyyyybeeeee ;)”. He always flirts with me! I kind of like it. We have pretty dirty convos ;) and we kind of tease each other. Plus we’re very open with each other. Plus we do the Skype sex thing since he lives in another state and we only get to see each other when his schedule allows him too. My friend doesn’t like him at all and she asked him if I was just his computer sex toy and if that’s the only reason he talks to me. He for a all defensive and was saying how its our private lives and if I didn’t like it or never want to do it I don’t have to and that we do talk when we’re on there. Plus he’s always saying I’m amazing. I just really like it :) do yall think he likes me? Or…not?

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Answer by Daisy
good, they may eternity lovers

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Question by blueydreamer12: Cancer woman compatible with Virgo man?
Now, I don’t really take astrology very seriously, so I’m mainly exploring this for fun and my own amusement so please don’t think that I will let someone’s sign dictate my future happiness. I’ve always read that water signs (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio) are best suited for each other, as well as other signs in the same elements are for each other too. I’ve recently (within the past few years) been involved with two Aries men, a Leo, and a Gemini. The Gemini man was, and still is, definitely the worst match for me (even though I’m technically on the Gemini/Cancer cusp). And more recently, I’ve been hanging out with a Scorpio man. Bingo right? He’s extremely sensual and just oozes sex appeal, I’m so attracted to this man it’s crazy. But we really don’t have much to talk about. Which brings me to the Virgo man in question. I met him two years ago and although we’re just friends, I’ve often thought that this man could be THE one. We have more things in common than I do with anyone else, and it’s just so effortless to be together. We’ve gotten thisclose to actually dating several times, but for some reason, it just never happened. I honestly think he could be the right person for me, so just for fun I’m going to put up my natal chart and his (well, the information I have on his anyway) and hopefully someone out there can take a look and see if the stars agree that we’re made for each other. =)

Birthdate: June 23, 1985
Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon: Virgo
Venus: Taurus
Rising: Pisces

Birthdate: August 26, 1986
Sun Sign: Virgo
Moon: Taurus
Venus: Libra
Rising: Unknown (I don’t know his time of birth)

For a full look at our charts, you can go here:



I thought I’d edit this to include why the other signs (Aries, Leo, & Gemini) didn’t work for me, in case another Cancer woman is dealing with the same signs. Although I believe that I was just dealing with the wrong man, not the wrong sign. So, here it goes. The first Aries man was too clingy and needy at first. I know, right? A Cancer woman who thinks someone else is too clingy?! Oh my. He did a complete turn around after we started dating and completely ignored me. The second Aries man ended up just being a psycho. He was really into some dark elements (witchcraft and all that), which I didn’t find out until after I had already ended it. Crazy. The Leo man was just really immature. We are actually really good friends now, but I could never date him again because of how emotionally immature he is when he’s involved with someone. And the Gemini man…oh geez. We enjoy each other’s company, but he is very selfish and extremely flaky! We’ve tried being friends but he just wants sex. Oi!

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Answer by ncherefnyc
Cancer is a water sign and Virgo is an earth sign. These two friends will bond for life on a sexual, spiritual and romantic level. Here, this is an excellent site for cancers & virgos.
I am a virgo ( i am female) and my husband of 10 years is a cancer. We get along great & are very compatable. We balance each other very well.

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