Venus trine mars and mars conjunct moon in synastry?

Question by average cabbage: Venus trine mars and mars conjunct moon in synastry?
Venus trine mars (double whammy)

Ascendant conjunct pluto

Mars conjunct moon ((, the female, am the mars and he’s the moon)

Anyone have some insights into these aspects? Do you think there’d be a lot of sexual attraction?

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Answer by SaggiMC the Teacher
this ALL depends on what orbs you have used as the max is 3′ between charts.

So synastry (chart comparisons) compares ALL 10planets, Ascendant, Midheaven, Juno, Vertex, Nodes, Part of fortune. so failing no chart appearing you will have to do some research yourself and this is where I come in, for no charge whatsoever (just because I love astrology and this is MY vocation) I will walk you through astrological techniques you are asking about

In a man’s chart we look at venus and moon, then planets in 7th house the signs/aspects, in the absent of planets then the ruler of 7th house ‘traits’, where it’s placed and aspected.
In a woman’s chart we look at sun and mars, then planets in 7th house the signs/aspects, in the absent of planets then the ruler of 7th house ‘traits’, where it’s placed and aspected.

How to approach Synastry
Go to and get FREE charts and synastry bi wheel, found in extended chart selection. Please remember to reduce the orb ratio down to 40% (ONLY for synastry bi wheel) as the max orb between planets is 3′ Please also include, vertex, juno and POF (part of fortune). Add Juno & Vertex and don’t tick any of the tick boxes to the right of additional objects

when you get this SYNASTRY chart, please also post the aspect grid found on *pdf file*, above left of chart look for *view additional tables (PDF)* This will bring up 2pages. Scroll down to last page for the *ASPECT GRID* THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AS IT SEEMS TO SHOW MORE ASPECTS THAN IS VISIBLE ON THE BI WHEEL…

problem is uploading to photobucket (or imageshack) you have to change this from Abode format into a picture/jpeg format. This is done by getting the relevant page/grid in front of you on screen then, the press ‘prtsc sysrq’ – top row inbetween pause break and F12. This has been copied to clipboard.

Paste (Ctrl V) into Paint or some other photo software. Crop the picture and save to hard drive, then upload to photobucket, select chart, press ‘direct link’ and past link into thread…. all done :)

So, if mutable on the angles ie: Ascendant/Descendant (pisces,Gemini,virgo, Saggi) this indicates more than one marriage. Mutable on the Midheaven suggests more than one career. Mutable moons are capable of loving more than one person at the same time

Just remember planets are modified by signs, where they express are houses and how they express are mathematical *aspects*

Failing sight of your chart, you will have to do some research for yourself. But if you do post a link I will do my best to analyse and interpret for you.

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Question by Daisy: When an Aquarius man falls in love, do they distance themselves but still keep contact ?
I mean REALLY in love, like they’re convinced she’s the one. (these are his words btw)

He’s distant yet always checks up on my on Facebook …is this a trait of theirs?

What’s their behavior like IN LOVE? thank you

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Answer by LuvIzLuvIzLuv
My Aquarius friend and Virgo friend are deeply in love and mushy to the point of gagging all those who surround them lol. It’s like it’s painful for them to be apart. He actually pursued her and she finally agreed they should take the friendship to the next level. I think if someone is truly convinced they’ve found THE one, they won’t distance themself. I’d be careful about what you believe cuz talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words ever do.

Libra sun
Scorpio moon/mercury/Venus
Capricorn mars

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