Scorpio Sagittarius cusp compatibility with Leo virgo cusp?

how to date a virgo for the may expect way to much but to want alot you have to not expect alot but they do this.
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Question by scorp.: Scorpio Sagittarius cusp compatibility with Leo virgo cusp?
I reallly want to know and i cant find it anywhere…. But i would think it would be good because scorpio and virgos are good together as are saggs and virgos…

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Answer by Justine
the compatibility of those four signs is pretty good. scorpios get along with virgos and leos and sagittarians get along very well.

though the fire signs will clash with the water and earth signs. but just remember not to judge EVERYTHING on astrology either. some people get along great when they aren’t supposed too in astrology.

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Question by Dr. Trevesio: August 23 and november 22 compatability?
I know going by sun angles is just one part of deciphering relationships. However, As a leo virgo cusp i seem to get involved with girls as romantic partners and distant “hang out” friends with people born on november 22 or 23. Why is this?

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Answer by Thebe the Nymph
Sun signs do not have cusps, so this is not enough information to answer your question. However you can go to… and put in both birthdates. It will give you a compatibility analysis.

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