Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman?

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Question by coo_coo_mandi: Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman?
Alright, I’ve heard that a Scorpio man would be one of the ‘BEST’ match for a Cancer woman.I’ve never had a relationship with one.I’ve had a one night stand with one and a few other Scorpio men that were friends.So, on that note,if you are a cancer woman or a Scorpio man share your experience.I would love to try it out with a Scorpio man,just I’ve been with mainly just earth and fires signs for some odd reason.Dated two Virgos (no offense but,they both made me feel like I was dating another WOMAN,critical,complained allot,too self conscience, and they were too cold/distant/and liars lol) They act as though they are ‘players’ when really they are LOSERS lol.I’ve dated 2 Taurus men.They were very loyal,loved to snuggle up just like me,very compatible on the physical plane but, not so much on communication.So,both ended based on the lack of it.I had a 2 yr relationship with a Leo was alright at first but, became way too controlling and bossy!!!And one Sagittarius, in which was AWSOME had so much fun!!!!BUT, we both knew we couldn’t make it ‘long term’ me too clingy,and he loved his freedom.So I’m basically wanting to know if a Cancer woman and Scorpio man relationship is all it’s ‘cracked up to be’.I know each relationship has it’s ups and downs but, I want to know from you if it was ‘worth it’ with them.

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Answer by Shalynn
The attraction between Cancer and Scorpio is magnetic, deeply felt, and has the potential to withstand the test of time. The warmth and caring nature of Cancer feel regenerating to Scorpio, and Scorpio sense of an all-encompassing love appeals to you Cancer deeply. Both have the similar ways of expressing their love and make each other feel “at home”.

A Scorpio man is an invincible person. He is an extremist with calm and steady surface and smoldering passion within him. Beneath the soft voice of Scorpio male lays his subtle strategies to enhance his career and personal life. He is one person who loves luxury and comforts immensely. He can sink into depression, or rise to intoxicating heights of ecstasy. In love with a Cancer woman, he is a passionate lover who knows all the synonyms of romance and eroticism. Though he is a great lover, but together with it he is very jealous and suspicious in nature too. He can be passionate just about anything, including sex, love and family. If you look at the surface, he will look totally calm and composed. Just look beneath that outer layer of his and you will find his smoldering passion.

A Cancer woman is enigmatically feminine. She is a gentle and kind lady with a good sense of humor and capturing aura of delicate personality. Her feelings are sensitive and tender and her loyalty is spotless. Though, she may not look very strong, but she is a tower of strength for her dear ones and perfectly able to manage herself, if alone. Patience is her dearest virtue and flexibility is her biggest weapon to win in all circumstances. Being in love with a Scorpio man, stirs the deepest emotions of the Cancer female making her a perfect match for a passionate male like him.

Cancer woman is always an interesting lady for a Scorpio man. She is full of such feminine mysteries which a curious Scorpio man always wants to unfold completely but gently. She has a reserved outlook in the beginning which attracts him but soon she shows him her great sense of humor which makes even a serious person like him to smile. She brings colors and joys to his life and provides him with a companion who is always by his side to love, care and understands his feelings. She is actually one person who understands him well deep to his soul and knows what goes on under his cool and composed surface. Loyalty is the biggest trait that makes him feel comfortable with a Cancer woman. Though to his dislike, he can find her to be possessive and bossy at times and also has to tolerate her mood swings but with such love and loyalty in return, he understands her value and keeps a cool temper while dealing with her mood swings.

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Question by Honey: Scorpio man, aqua moon – withdrawn?
scorpio man, aqua moon – withdrawn?
I’m sag sun, virgo moon, venus in capricorn and rising is libra
him – sun in 15 degrees scorpio, moon is in 03 degrees aquarius, venus is in 11 degrees scorpio, mercury is in 26 degrees scorpio and rising is in 24 degrees libra

know him for 4 months. first 3 months he was all over me. texting, calling multiple times in a day and wanting to talk for hours on Skype. for the past 20 days he has just withdrawn after we had a small tiff and when I asked him about it and had to get it off my chest that I liked him, he said that he liked me too but didn’t want to get attached ’cause attachment can hurt and he didn’t want either of us to be getting attached and he was worried that I’d get attached. he went onto say how he never ever gets attached to anyone. the next day he texted me something really sweet. and then disappeared again when i replied. mixed signals all over. what does this mean ? what really is going on with him ? how can i get him to open up to me again ? I am losing sleep over him. please tell me !

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Answer by SaggiMC
You haven’t given enough information here and I shall explain why. When people post DATA, as in a list of planets in signs, it actually means very little. Why? well that’s ONLY 1/3 of the information needed to respond to you properly. Then some people post DATA/degrees of planets (slightly better) but then *no signs* these planets are in. Then some people post DATA/Degrees/ signs. What this does then, it requires ME (& other astrologers on here) to mentally calculate what mathematical aspects these planets are making to each other. Which is time consuming and unnecessary, when all that is needed is to SEE the natal chart PICTURE. Plus there is always missing data, especially Ascendant/Midheaven signs

There is little point in looking for astrological sun *signs* as there are too many permutations. In a male chart you would look at moon & venus, any planets in 7th house, then sign/planet that rules that house. In a female chart you would look at sun & mars, then any planets in 7th house and then sign/planet that rules this house. You would NOT look for the SIGN that rules your 7th house, only the traits of that sign. Also for 2nd marriage/partner you look to 9th house,3rd marriage/partner would be 11th house and 4th partner 1st house.

Please understand synastry (comparing two charts) does NOT work off SIGNS but mathematical aspects one chart makes to another. For example and opposition is 180’ a square 90’ sextile 60’ and trine 120’ its pure maths. What attracts you to another person is their ASCENDANT sign not Sun sign. This is the chemistry, lust and attraction factor. If you get your chart and find your Asc sign from then anyone’s sun sign that falls conjunct your Asc or in your first house is excellent as there would be so much in common. Also excellent if someone’s sun conjuncts your Descendant/marriage house. The angles are very sensitive in synastry. Astro is *THE* only site where you can even get these synastry bi wheels FREE of the net!!

Ask Kevin: Karmic Aspects in Synastry

How to approach Synastry

please read my thread above and do a little research, read my above thread and if you are still interested please make a new post WITH the correct charts. If you don’t have a correct TOB for the other person, just use 12noon, if you use TOB unknown then it won’t create a bi wheel….when copy/pasting link make sure you do *enter* after link. Do not make the mistake of copy/pasting from address bar as the links will disappear. Just remember your chart is a PICTURE.jpg not data. You can only get this quality of synastry bi wheel from ASTRO! With an aspect grid. No other site offers Free charts like these, so don’t even bother looking. If you are making the effort to get this synastry biwheel, please make the extra effort and get the aspect grid as in many ways its more important!!

So to answer your question: Who knows if this or any relationship could work out, without charts, its *all* guessimate

How to post synastry charts

Do NOT make the mistake of copy/paste from address bar as the chart will disappear. When copy/pasting link into your thread, make sure press *enter* after link. Your chart is a PICTURE.jpg not data.

this is what a synastry bi wheel looks like

this is what an aspect grid looks like
THE commonest mistake is not reducing the orbs ratio, please look at my charts above and follow directions closely.

good luck and enjoy the experience, listen to your ‘gut instinct’ and you won’t go far wrong. I feel people come in/out of our lives for reason, perhaps you have to teach him something, or you have to learn something from him, but there is always an exchange. Astrology should be used for guidance as nothing in life OR synastry is set in stone

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