PISCES woman born 2/22/74..who would be my perfect match?

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Question by beaglemommers: PISCES woman born 2/22/74..who would be my perfect match?
I think i am a true Pisces. Many of the aspects of a Pisces i hold. Some of them are truly unbelievable how much it describes me. I only have one aspect that doesn’t seem to fit..i am not a cheater, and never have. I have never been married, i believe when it happens it will HAVE to be for life..period…just like my mom……my dad died when i was 2yrs old and my mother has not been with any man, she married and to this day still loves him, and will not be with another ever. i love very strongly, and would kill to save my family, and love my dog so much he is my child…..lol

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Answer by alwayzatemptation69
Love Compatibility of Pisces with Taurus

Taurus is a loving sign by nature, and they’ll enjoy your gentle compassion. Bulls are less threatened by you than they are by other signs, and they’ll be able to soften in your presence, open their hearts and surrender to your emotional needs. You see the virtue of fine tastes, practicality and values in your partner, and you’ll be able to move through the currents of his or her stubbornness with an uncanny tuition and grace. This relationship has serious long-term potential, and will bring you both a great deal of physical and emotional enjoyment.

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Question by me4: How do you know if a scorpio man likes you?
I’m a virgo woman and I’ve been talking to a scorpio man for a couple months now via texts. He says about hanging out but our schedules keep hindering it. We have good conversation flow when it’s fun and flirty and kept light and casual but he gives short answers when I ask about him. He has a playboy personality so I tend to keep that in mind when talkin to him so I don’t get too invested in him. Yet, whenever I say something about how a lot of girls must view him as I do he’s always quick to shoot it down and say they don’t. Like I said he has said about wanting to hang out multiple times, and while we do have a tough schedule to work around it still feels like the chances we could have to hang out he’s hesitant to actually follow thru with it. At the same time, since most of our good convos are flirty I’m worried that he only wants to hang out wanting sex, and I don’t want to just be that to him. So any advice on what could be the situation on any of this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Also, I have kids and when I told him about them, and that may add more baggage than he may want, he said that he’s dated girls with kids before. Before that I thought he was just looking for sex, but after that I didn’t know if he was just looking for fun or if he does want a relationship.

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Answer by Misconception
Make sure it’s not about sex. If you want to gamble, bring homemade gifts and presents or something affectionate that present love. Sex is something a Scorpio can easy obtain as he grew mature, but true trust and honesty is hard for them to bear and find in others.

He may has a player personality, but let him chase you. Might be a good way to tell if he’s interested or not. Also text is ***. Get personal, you can’t tell or know **** from text lol.

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