Perfect Virgo match ???for a Female=(virgo/virgo/cancer)?

Question by bubleiq: Perfect Virgo match ???for a Female=(virgo/virgo/cancer)?
What is the perfect match for a VIRGO woman ?
Do not be general ?I have studied astrology…
Do you guys think that this site is good? or bunch of BS?===> ?? Try it out , and tell me if it is accurate?
Try doing all of the PROFILES!
MY MAIN QUESTION IS : What is the BESTTTT//PERFECt match for a FEMALE VIRGO that has a SUN: VIRGO Ascendant :VIRGO MOON: CANCER ???

My friend told me to find a saggitarian or a libra?
i am sorta picky ..? Natural quality of a virgo !…
I am good looking /young .. It also seems that its hard to find teh perfect guy out here ..why ? guys tend too look for hook ups and dont want to get married… They just want to have sex??

So what is the perfect match for a VIRGO /VIRGO/CANCER female… (SUN/ASCENDANt/MOON) ….????

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Answer by CT

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Question by Sunny Afternoon: guys and star signs? myth or true?
this is supposed to be funny. so don’t get pissed off.

aries men – the man’s man- all about being macho and manly. loud and obnoxious
leo men – crave for attention, they think they’re the greatest men on earth and should be worshiped.
sagittarius men – naturally happy and lucky people, spend money like there’s no tomorrow, tend to owe you money,
taurus men – very lazy, love to control their women, don’t like career oriented woman, but quite loyal
virgo men – creepy, obsessive compulsive, zero sex drive
capricorn men – take relationship seriously, good businessmen, incredibly stingy, spend half of their life times studying at university
gemini men – split personality, self centred, short attention span, can’t commit to anything
libra men – extremely shallow, flirt with all your female friends, tell their girlfriends exactly what to wear, most likely to tell you the truth if you asked ‘does my bum look big in this?’
aquarius men – inventors, rebelling against some principals, the leader of all riots and mobs, most likely to win a nobel prize or restore peace in middle east, will get bored of their girl friends after the 3rd date
cancer men – mama’s boy, won’t marry their girlfriends unless their mothers approve, very sensitive, cry a lot and always need a hug
scorpio men – mysterious, heart breakers, but always want a revenge if you break their hearts first (it’s a matter of timing!_
pisces men – lie a lot, very clingy, feel sorry for themselves most of the time, tend to cheat on their girlfriends or wives with you.

i’d like to thank those who have at least a bit of sense of humour and gave positive responds =)
take it easy people. it’s just a joke.
hey princess, i’m a pisces. and yes i guess it applies to some women too. i am a clingy, lying b i t c h =)

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Answer by man-idontknow
that’s a bunch of crap, not true at all.

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