moon in pisces man with venus & mars in virgo?

Question by lgirl: moon in pisces man with venus & mars in virgo?
Could s0m 1 please give me some insight into what types 0f things a man with these placements would be looking for in a woman.

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Answer by jaggerapril
i would think he looks for a clean, passive, and intelligent woman since his mars is in virgo but i think you should double check. lol.

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Question by EPIC: Is this an Aries trait?
I find i like a partner who is emotionally, mentally, & has a personality as strong or stronger than me with a strong personality. If a girl is timid and shy or has a weak/submissive personality, it turns me off. Could it also be my Venus in Pisces or Mars in Cancer?

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Answer by geri
It appears to be a fire sign thing

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