Leo Man & Virgo Woman?

Question by Tressy S: Leo Man & Virgo Woman?
I just met this leo guy and already I can tell he’s going to be something else. He’s arrogant, cocky, too self-assured, demanding and wants to be dominant in all arenas. I am all virgo, but because of my life experiences, I have lost some of my negative traits. I find him intriguing because it’s a challenge; part of me wants to see what I can break in him and what, if anything he can break in me. If nothing else comes out of this, it will certainly be interesting and worth some laughs. Anytime someone tells you they need to “reprogram” or “deprogram” some things in me because I am “hardheaded”….well what can you do but laugh? Such arrogance as if I’m a computer or as if he’s a supernatural entity. Do you know any virgos who have survived being in a long term relationship with a Leo?

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Answer by valentinoagain1
ok ..
Let’s see :-

Leo is drawn to Virgo’s intellectualism, but Virgo doesn’t understand Leo’s dramatic nature. Leo can’t get from cool, reserved Virgo the sexual responsiveness it demands. Virgo is practical and prudent; Leo is extravagant and a spendthrift. Leo likes to live life in a really big way, but Virgo is conservative, frugal and a nitpicker—which puts a damper on Leo’s high spirits. Virgo won’t be dominated either. Leo needs lots of flattery, but Virgo’s tendency is to puncture inflated egos. Both of them should look elsewhere.

Leo and Virgo Can work very well — Virgo likes to serve and the sweet talk is always music to Leo’s ears.

For Leo: Virgo’s desire to be in command and methodical nature collides with your carefree, spontaneous temperament. This combo takes a lot of compromise on the part of the Virgoan.

For Virgo: You will have continuous arguments concerning finances and sex. Your critical tongue will make the Lion wander, seeking the ego-boosting that is necessary for the proud Leo’s existence
Virgo is practical and Leo is extravagant. Virgo is conservative and frugal, nit picky and puts a damper on Leo’s spirit. Leo needs ego boosts and Virgo punctures inflated egos. Not much going here.
Leo Man & Virgo Woman
Blessed is she who expects nothing, for she shall not be disappointed. The Virgo lady will work hard to keep her house in order and that will include her sometimes shiftless Leo spouse so long as he is under her roof. But there is always an expectation of gratitude at work behind the Virgo hustle & bustle and the Leo finds it hard to understand why he must show gratitude for what he thinks he deserves. Enlightenment will not come to him until she takes a broom to his backside and chases him out the door …
This match has very poor prospects of living past the short-term. The Leo boy is very outgoing and energetic. Paired with you, he becomes incredibly overbearing and bossy. He’ll drive you crazy with his constant demands. He’ll order you around, telling you what to do, what to wear, where you’re going. He’ll always have to have his way. You will rebel, sooner or later, refusing to be dominated by him and his bullying ways. That will lead to big blowout battles and nasty words exchanged. This is an explosive match (in a bad way) that’s best left alone.
Virgo girl may initially be attracted to Leo boy (and who isn’t?) but his long-term show boat style may begin to grate on Virgo girl’s nerves. This is a workable relationship, as long as Virgo can view her Leo boy as ‘as is,’ merch, instead of trying to change him into something he isn’t, or doesn’t want to be.

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Question by Erica T: couple with Sun and Moon in opposites signs (Leo Sun/Aq Moon and Aq Sun and Leo Moon)?
What would you expect for a couple where the woman is Sun Leo/Aq Moon and the man is Aq Sun and Leo Moon? I know Leo and Aquarius are opposites so each of them would have that in themselves and then they also would have that between their Suns and their Moons.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I’d like to try and explain to someone what it means when your Sun and Moon signs are like this and if a couple has this.

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Answer by AstroLady
This is what is classically termed as a ‘push-pull’ type of relationship, where there is seemingly very strong mutual attraction BUT also some form of repulsion at the same time.

The thing about opposite signs is that although they represent traits that make us feel ‘complete’ on a soul level, they are not easy to reconcile within our personalities because they are not familiar to us on a conscious level. Hence, we tend to push away those traits and see them as a sign of ‘weakness’.

At the same time, a Sun-Moon conjunction is the strongest indication in any long-term partnership or marriage found between 2 charts. This aspect is even indicative of a soulmate type of relationship. Since it’s a mutual aspect, the two people involved will feel the effects doubly strongly. The masculine energies of the Sun will be inevitably drawn like a magnet towards the feminine receptiveness of the Moon. Both individuals are harmoniously in sync with each other.

This aspect would be strong enough to override the innate differences in the Moon-Moon opposition aspect. Although both people have rather different emotional reactions and needs/desires, an opposition implies that there is hope of finding some middle ground to meet both their needs.

An excellent pairing not without its occasional hiccups and disagreements but the mutual Sun-Moon conjunction aspect would be sufficient to overcome all obstacles faced.

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