Is a Gemini and Leo compatible as a couple?

Question by wingnut902001: Is a Gemini and Leo compatible as a couple?
Im going out with one

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Answer by Danielle
This match could work out great. You are both social butterflies who love being the center of attention. If you get together, you’ll have a terrific time competing with each other for the spotlight. His flamboyance and great sense of humor complement your outgoing attitude and your creative, intelligent mind. You’ll have great conversations with a Leo boy, and then you can have great kissing sessions- you two have terrific chemistry! This is a relationship where you can both inspire each other to be your best in every way. A very good love match.
hope it helps :)

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Question by Yesenia: Cancer man leo woman compatibility?
I’ve heard that Leos are the best for Cancers because Leos are the only ones who are overly compassionate and tend to feel deeply for people. Cancers are very emotional, not a bad at all. but that gives Leos the opportunity to feel wanted and needed, due to their strength and positive outlook on almost everything.
1. cancer leo compatibility?
2. are leos good for cancers? vice versa? how good?
3. would a cancer choose leo over a taurus?
4. sex compatibility cancer leo?
5. how can leo uplift cancer after breaking their heart?
6. what is Leo’s best/most attractive trait to Cancer?
7. what can Leo do to seduce her Cancer?

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Answer by נєѕѕу ❤
Horoscopes are complete rubbish.

If you truly believe an entire person’s personality, interests and desires are determined by the day they’re born, then you’re stupid. People are individuals, star signs don’t change that. You cannot determine whether someone will like you on such non-sense.

I’m a Gemini and all the explanations of what I apparently like or people I’m supposed to be attracted to are far from the truth. Your horoscopes holds no truth and if it does, it’s merely coincidence.

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