I’m I female Libra. Who am I most compatible with?

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Question by livefortheLIGHT: I’m I female Libra. Who am I most compatible with?
I’m just wondering.
thank you.

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Answer by bestos22
i think Leo

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Question by ?: (: How to attract a Cancer male?
I’m not sure how I feel about astrology, but this guy is…

I think I really like this guy, but he’s really confusing me… sometimes I think he really likes me, and sometimes I think he has no interest in me other than friendship!

I don’t know his birth time or exact birth location but here is his birth chart results:

Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Time unknown
Sun Cancer 10.58
Moon Aquarius 19.52
Mercury Gemini 20.32
Venus Gemini 13.59 R
Mars Pisces 24.30
Jupiter Taurus 26.23
Saturn Sagittarius 28.21 R
Uranus Sagittarius 28.33 R
Neptune Capricorn 8.45 R
Pluto Scorpio 9.51 R
Lilith Virgo 5.29
Asc node Pisces 16.20

Planet Aspect Planet Orb/Value
Sun Opposition Neptune 2.13 -181
Sun Trine Pluto 1.07 142
Moon Trine Mercury 0.40 234
Moon Trine Venus 5.53 42
Mercury Conjunction Venus 6.32 312
Mercury Square Mars 3.58 -71
Mercury Opposition Saturn 7.49 -47
Mercury Opposition Uranus 8.01 -36
Mars Sextile Jupiter 1.53 116
Mars Square Saturn 3.51 -36
Mars Square Uranus 4.02 -29
Saturn Conjunction Uranus 0.11 275
Neptune Sextile Pluto 1.06 65
1186 -400 786
(because I only know his birthday and I think he was born in this state, all the info above may be incorrect… heh)
Conclusion: ask a stupid question, get stupid answers. Lovely. ):

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Answer by Isabella
Ok i dont know the question, and I dont know wtf any of this means.

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