If you ignore a virgo man will he come back?

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Question by scorpio1115: If you ignore a virgo man will he come back?
Okay so I’m a Scorpio woman with my moon in Pisces and He is a Virgo man with moon in Pisces as well. We got into a relationship about three weeks ago and everything was amazing. He constantly told everyone how happy I made him, how perfect we are together. He told me I was the best thing that ever happened to him. He made me feel like the only woman in the room. He even told me he was starting to fall in love with me. Two weeks go by and one day he breaks plans with me last minute while I’m on my way to go see him. After that, he changed. He was distant, didn’t answer my texts for 3 days then he popped up after he saw the picture i sent him when I cut my hair the way he suggested. He apologized for disappearing and told me he had been feeling under the weather. He mentioned he would call me the next day to talk about things he and his father discussed about his second job. The next day comes and not a word from him, I texted him in the morning and called him later in the after noon and didn’t get a response. I decided i’ve had it with his games and told him this wasn’t going to work out if he continued to ignore me. After going back and forth he reluctantly agreed and followed by saying “you’re right I’m sorry but it’s not going to work ” so i decided to agree also and say “Alright I’m sorry too” then he responded ” ): It won’t work at this point in time at least…” then he said ” Fuck.” and I still haven’t responded. This was two days ago, I still really want him back and I need to know if I’m doing things right to get him back.

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Angelacia baybeeeeee
tldr but yes, that typically works with virgo

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