i am a pisces with virgo rising, sun in pisces, and moon in gemini? max points!?

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Question by Wolfheart: i am a pisces with virgo rising, sun in pisces, and moon in gemini? max points!?
i dont know what it means can anybody tell me?
i mean sun in Pisces, Virgo rising and moon in Gemini. -facepalms-

as you can tell im not very good at this….

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Answer by kaka
Sun in pisces signifies:

The modern ruler of Pisces is Neptune, planet of the spiritual and sensitive qualities in man. Ancient astrologers assigned Pisces Jupiter, a planet also associated with spirituality as well as thirst for knowledge and understanding. These planets represent similar traits and both of them influence Piscean personalities. They are idealistic, sensitive, and love to play martyr. They are often shy and would much rather impersonate someone else than be themselves. That’s why so many are actors, artists, writers, and dreamers. Their association with elusive Neptune makes it hard to predict how Pisceans will develop. Some of them are neat and well organized, while others become slovenly and careless. Personal habits are often a direct reflection of emotional reactions to their environment. Their imaginations are limitless, an ability that makes them successful writers of fiction or turns them into pathological liars. Unique ability to understand the abstract can make them gifted mathematicians and theorists, or it can put them so out of touch with reality that they make no sense at all.

Characteristics of Individuals with Virgo Rising Sign:

These individuals are reserved, intelligent and of understanding nature.
It takes time for them to open up in new places or before reacting to new environments.
Their shy nature is misunderstood by others to be their critical nature or self-pride.
The influence of Virgo sign makes them be very sensitive to their body requirements and they take good care of their physical and mental health.
Worrying about paltry issues of life is one of the major vices in these individuals.
Being focused on the details of different aspects is a virtue in them, but might irritate the people who put up with them for long.
These individuals appear charming to others and their helping nature without accepting any credit makes them popular too.
In spite of their modest nature, these people spend a lot of time in analyzing their own nature and events happening in their surroundings.
Adaptability to varying degrees to the circumstances, seeking perfection from self and being critical of others are some of the hallmark traits in these individuals.
They are practical, conservative, extremely organized and do not believe in displaying their emotions openly.
Gaining knowledge on several topics, storing this information so as to share them with others are also part of their persona.
Virgo rising sign individuals are quite dependable and it is very helpful to have them in moments of crisis as allies.
Allergies, nervous tensions, anxiety and respiratory problems can threaten their physical well being in general

Gemini-moon people are inventive, versatile, and open-minded. However, the sign of Gemini is associated with chronic restlessness, and with the moon in Gemini, this agitation can afflict the domestic sphere.

Gemini-Moon People Find Boredom Emotionally Destabilizing
Moon-in-Gemini people have an overwhelming need for mental stimulation, and boredom can lead to emotional volatility and self-destructive choices.

The moon-in-Gemini person flits from one obsession to the next. Interests wax and wane, and what the individual feels passionate about on one day may leave her cold the next, though these interests are often reawakened later on.

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