How would a Capricorn and Leo relationship work out?


Question by kathy5: How would a Capricorn and Leo relationship work out?
I’m a Capricorn female with Capricorn rising, Moon in Taurus, Venus in Pisces.
He’s a Leo man who fell in love with me last year and still tries to get my attention. I ignored him from the beginning, he started lurking always trying to bump into me. Then I looked sorry, because I saw him miserable and I didn’t think before that it would have anything to do with me. Then he saw that, tried again, but instead I went to talk to someone else. He got pissed, started giving me the stink eye and even got a bit antagonistic with that person. Then I looked sorry again, actually was very close to apologizing and he saw that and arranged some sort of meeting. He went to great lengths just to plan that (he did similar things in the past). And I ignored him because I had work. Yet again.
I am sort of pursued by a lot of men but somehow this one matter a bit more to me. I can’t tell, I’m bad at this. Maybe it has something to do with my best mate and she is a Leo, we’ve been friends for 15 years.
He’s probably twice as old as me which makes me wonder, why in the world hasn’t he settled yet? He is pretty and I’m sure of at least 3 women he has been in serious relationships so far.

So, what the hell should I do with this Leo? Is he reliable, is he playing games? How the hell do I communicate with him? I might look confident but when someone likes me I’m insanely shy.

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Answer by Kathy Rawstron
Don’t take any notice of horoscopes; they’re a load of bunkum at best, and are actually demonic. Take people as you find them and go from there, their birth dates have nothing to do with their personalities.

Get yourself a modern Bible and start with the Gospels.
Get yourself enrolled on an Alpha course, details on Google, where you can ask all the questions you want in a relaxed atmosphere and get a free meal as well.

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Question by Aiolos_san: What do you think of the following Zodiac Signs?

These are the Sings of me and people very close to me. I just am curious what you think about them. And which would be the favourite of them?

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Answer by x Smilet – Pop – 211 x
Im a cancer
Im very sensitive, have a bubbly personality and can get upset easily!

I love being a cancer because not many of my friends are cancers

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