How should a Virgo man apologize to an aquarius woman?

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Question by Moe Johnson: How should a Virgo man apologize to an aquarius woman?
About 2 weeks ago; I was bored one night because I was waiting on my dad to bring me a spare car key due to me locking myself out of my car after track. I text my crush a corny joke and after that night, she won’t reply to my text or answer any of my calls. I barely get to see her during the week because she goes to a different high school and the only time I get to see her is when she is at work. I tried calling her saying I’m sorry four days later but no answer so I just stop trying to connect her. Should I find a way to tell her in-person that I’m sorry or should I just move on….

P.S the joke was about something me asking for a hug, that’s all I remember

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Answer by Tal
it’s probably mood swings…

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Question by Millie: What a second…What is the importance of Venus and Mars exactly?
They work separately, not together, am i right?
Doesn’t mars determine how you deal with anger?
Doesn’t venus determine how you deal with love?

Idk, man…I’m totally confused!

I have virgo venus and mars :/

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Answer by Kae
Venus = what you enjoy, how you express love
Mars = how you handle things you don’t like, sex, passion

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