How do virgo men that is in love act when away from the one they love?

VIRGO MEN SUCK. I make A LOT of these videos about EVERY sign. So don’t get all conceited. If you want to be able to look at your chart, go here: click “free horoscopes” from the top, and then scroll down and click “extended chart selection” you will need to enter all of your birth information, and it needs to be correct, then you can read your natal chart. if you want a lovely print out and composite type chart reading that will have some errors, but most accurate I can find go here: scroll down and click birth chart enter all your information. ****the exact time NEEDS to be CORRECT If you want to see my chart, ask me, and maybe I will show it to you… I probably will anyway. A good book? The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need [Paperback] Joanna Martine Woolfolk All of these ideas are my own, I don’t get paid for endorsements, this is what works for me… Laters. I put out new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, So subscribe!!!!! Love, Alyssa

Question by **SeXxiii N BaDddd ChIccKk**: How do virgo men that is in love act when away from the one they love?
We never spent a long time apart but he says he is going to really miss me and wants to come back as so as he take care of his business. My question is how do virgo act when away from the one they love? Virgo men i need answers..

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Answer by Lewey G.
just cant stop thinking about them ;)
what more do you want from a MAN lol

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Question by Turtles: How to make a Virgo man fall in love with you?
I am a Leo woman with a cancer moon. I know the Virgo man well-ish. We sit across from each other in first period. We talk all the time and i sometimes see him glancing at me. How can i tell if he likes me and how can i get him to like me more?
Ha. No but for seriousness XD

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Answer by Philosophizing teenager

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