How do I show a capricorn man I’m interested?

Question by Taylor: How do I show a capricorn man I’m interested?
I’m a leo & usually have guys come to me but the moment I saw this man, I’ve wanted him.

I got a full compatibility chart done & we’re more compatible than any other man I’ve been with. I fell for him over the Summer & he stares at me but I’m the first to look away.

I’m a leo, virgo moon & sag rising.

So, any tips?

Best answer:

Answer by Kayla A.
tell him whatsup.
he will never admit he is interested in your first.
and if you dont tell him,
he will never admit

capricorns are just like that,

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Question by taylor: The zodiac signs changed, so does that mean the traits did too?
So, i just figured out that i am no longer a taurus and im an aries…im not confused by the concept of how that happened, but i am confused as to if my personality description and my compatibility with a virgo has changed at all. Because, i went to look up the description of a taurus and an aries, the dates remained as the old ones and taurus personality description still defined me perfectly.

Best answer:

Answer by Michelle
No, actually, you’re still a Taurus. Nothing has changed. An astronomer who knows nothing about astrology caused this confusion. The global astrological community will not be changing a thing especially based on the words of an astronomer.

If you were born a Taurus, you will always be a Taurus.

Hope that helps.

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