How can you tell if a Virgo likes you?

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title says it all really…

Question by nyc_kittycat0620: How can you tell if a Virgo likes you?
Im a Gemini (June 20th) and my ex is Virgo (September 21)..i think he still likes me but im not sure…what are some signs that a Virgo still likes you?
we “broke” up because he had some family issues…and his ex caused us to break up (he got back with her…but their not together now..they still talk though….)

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Answer by Hayley B
i am a gemini/cancer[ june 21]
and theres this virgo guy
and he is sending mixed signals
and he disappears..
and he wants to hanogut soon but it never happens
oh its so confusing.
in my opion , you can never tell if they are interested.
i mena in my situation .. i think he is
but he jst..needs to make it more obvious!
goodluck! :)

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Question by Laro: What is it about a Libra girl that is so intriguing to a Scorpio guy?

Is it the signs are close to each other?

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Answer by Craig’s Angel
Yeah, it’s the same for me too. I’m a Libra and my neighbors appeal to me. But, I do have a Capricorn Rising and many other planets in the 8th house, like my sun and mercury and I have venus in Scorpio. So, it’s no wonder that Scorpio’s appeal to me.

But, yes, we share some qualities. I find it that neighbors can do really well or really bad. I’ve never been with a Scorpio, but I do well with Virgo men.

Also, maybe you have some planets in Libra or maybe you’re just a curious neighbor.

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  1. Outstanding story there. What happened after?
    Good luck!

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