horary question about breaking up,please help!?

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Question by serap: horary question about breaking up,please help!?
me and my bf broke up 2 weeks ago,actually I was the one who wanted to break up and then regret doing it,I want him back and trying to talk him,I really regret and I love him,when he come back from his holidays we will talk about it,I wonder does he still love me?it’s the horary chart of my question,and could you tell me what u can see please ? Thanks.


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Answer by Been There
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You need to be very careful, honest and direct with Horary questions.
Your true question is not whether or not he still loves you. Your question is if you and he will get back together. (you would not be happy if he still loved you but refused to get back with you).

In order to answer the question, we identify the 1st house as you and the 5th house as your romantic partner.
With Virgo on the cusp of the 1st house, Mercury is your ruler. The Moon always also represents the one who asks the question.
With Capricorn on the cusp of the 5th house, Saturn is his ruler.
There is no aspect forming (coming into the future) between Mercury and Saturn or Moon and Saturn. Therefore, the two of you will not get back together.

Moon’s last aspect will be a sextile to Mars, so I suspect he does still care. But people don’t always base their decisions on their emotions …. it isn’t love that makes a relationship work, love only makes us want it to work. And if you have hurt him badly enough, he might not want to move towards you again. Certainly, if you can love him on week, break up with him another week, and then want him back again … that doesn’t make you appear to be a good risk for a lasting happy relationship.

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