Getting back a Pisces?

Question by angeladawn619: Getting back a Pisces?
I’m a Leo woman and my man is a Pisces. My fish swam away from me and I need help getting him back..

We had a LD online relationship….. we hadn’t met yet..

He loves me, I know that much, but he has let his fears, insecurities and over-analyzing get the best of him… I thought I was doing a good job at reassuring him that he was good enough, but apparently it wasn’t enough and he had a total meltdown of fears + tears one day and ended it. I can’t get through to him since then he does an amazing job of avoiding me… he will respond to texts’ but tells me hes not ready to talk on the phone… its been over 2 months… I will say that his texts have been more detailed lately, telling me bout things going on when I didn’t ask.. but when I feel like its getting a lil better and I try to make a move on it, like ask him to call me and say hi since its been awhile, he will withdraw.

I told him I wanted to just come out there anyway and casually meet, see whats up, we talked toooo long and tooooooo heavy to just never meet up.. but he told me not to :( he told me it was possible someday but not right now.. I think, though, that he doesn’t have any intention of ever meeting up and just doesn’t wanna hurt me more than he has? Am I right about that?

On the game we play together he still has “Angie loves you forever” in his profile. He’s holding on to that for some reason.

I know his friends in RL and they tell me he isn’t seeing anyone else and that they dont understand it either cause they think he loves me and wants to be with me…….

What do I do here?

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Answer by Diiva
even though i don’t believe in zodiac signs, my crush is a picses, and he acts really odd around me too…
he sounds very insecure, and i think he needs some time alone to sort out his feelings. i don’t think he has anyone else in the picture…i think he just has some personal issues to sort out. he obviously has some major self esteem issues, personally, that’s not an attractive trait, he needs a major confidence boost. you can’t keep reassuring him that he’s good enough. yeah, i think you should leave him be, let him find himself, don’t force yourself onto him. he’ll swim back to you one day lol well i hope do anyway :)

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Question by treetop84: What are the personality traits of an female Capricorn???
Are they usually quiet,shy or what?

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Answer by damarony896
I’m a Capricorn and yes I’m a bit shy,quiet, really organized,care about helping people out and very family oriented.We tend to be very stubborn and very short tempered

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