Gemini Man & Pisces woman ?!?

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Question by Leo Lady: Gemini Man & Pisces woman ?!?
Ok my best friend is a pisces woman and she’s currently dating that Gemini man.
Still, it seems that she’s the main leading power of that relationship and he’s too passive and doing nothing in order to make her feel happy. He has an ex girlfriend who is very prussic, and he cares about her too much … so much that his previous relationship is ruing his relationship with my friend.
Tell me how are those sign compatible with each other… and is it usual for a Gemini man to be so indecisive?
He claims and swears that he loves her and will do anything for her … but still no result !?

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Answer by The Undertaker
This is a difficult relation and not sure it is worth trying. This is my take and the rest depends on you.
Pisces is often driven by contradictory desires. She hides emotions that are too strong for the ordinary person and as far as decision-making, she isn’t quick either. She often operates at a different pace while Gemini flies. Eventually, she will get impatient about the whole thing. Gemini is too unstable and while he loves conversation and fun, at other times, he will disappear as if he was on a mission. While she enjoys mind games, she could get resentful when her fantasy world seems to go to waste. Remember one thing. Gemini can have 2 relationships at a time without you ever finding out or lead two completely different lives. After all, they are twins.


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Question by A.M.: Aries Man and Pisces Woman Problems..?
Out of curiosity, I just wanted to know what sort of things that Aries men say to Pisces women when they’re upset. I keep reading that this happens when this couple argues. What emotional/vulnerable spots do Aries men hit and why?

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by tasha
i’m a pisces and i dated an aries guy for a year. i felt like we really connected, especially physically..but we were so different in so many ways. we basically disagreed on almost everything. what annoyed me the most was that he could never admit to his faults and never backed down. he would also say things without thinking about it which would really hurt me. kind of like whatever came to his mind he would “you’re so stupid and stuck up”. he was also bad at reading my he’d always think i was angry when in fact i was just really upset/sad. but we loved each other and always got through it until i couldn’t take all the fighting anymore so i left. i meant everything to him though and he always came back and would sacrifice anything for me. he was a really nice guy but it just couldn’t work. i guess he was vulnerable in the way that i could always get him back (we broke up a couple times and got back together) and was easily pushed around. but maybe that’s just him and not an aries trait. i’m not sure if this really helped..but that’s my experience with an aries :)

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