Do virgo men like to flirt with other girls?

NOTE: The music in this has been audio-swapped. Back in June 2010, I came across some horoscopes for Virgos from June 2009. Because Michael was a Virgo, I wanted to see how it applied to him. The advice offered was a bittersweet irony as it applies to Michael. I’ve collected some of those tidbits of advice here. And for an extra bonus: How to Love a Virgo Man! The original version of this video featured music by Saxophonist Najee. But it has been audio-swapped because of copyright issues.

Question by katяina♥: Do virgo men like to flirt with other girls?
A virgo man im seeing is flirting with other girls even MY COUSIN and yet he says im his baby and everything..does he just want sex? or i that how he is?

what shall i do as i am completely head over heels for him.

im a pisces.

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Answer by ” ? “
I know that Leo”s do

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Question by complex simplicity: what is the best zodiac sign to be born to a gemini woman and virgo man? How compatible are they?
Im a gemini with a virgo and i was wondering if we decided to have a child what would be the best zodiac sign to be born to us. I know it sounds corny but im really curious please no stupid answer i truly need to know we are extremely curious and into astrology and cant find an answer

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Answer by tudybug
If there’s any way possible try to have a child born
in a water sign either a

because with you being a Gemini female, you can teach the Scorpio kid to be open-minded, and sociable and talkative, which some Scorpios need.
and your Virgo partner can teach the Scorpio kid how to be structured
and good with finances, and less emotional about some things in life.. same applies for the Pisces too… you two can help a water sign better in life. both of my parents are Gemini and I’m a Scorpio, so I love how they taught me to be more talkative and fun

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