Do some Virgo mans really having a hard time expressing their feelings? How to make a Virgo man fall in love with you. Ways to get, attract, seduce and win a lover from the Astrology Star Sign Virgo.
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Question by prettyAnj: Do some Virgo mans really having a hard time expressing their feelings?
hi! i’m a Virgo Women and this guy i’m talking about is a Virgo Man, you see that we both had the same sign right? well i had read some articles that some Virgo mans can sometimes had a hard time expressing their feelings. but this Virgo guy is differ rent! he express his feelings his not afraid to ask me some sweet questions and he always says “i love you” to me and he tells it on my front why is it like that? do Virgo mans really had those traits?

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Answer by Aditya J
no its Scorpio guys who can never express their feelings

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Question by Racquelle: How do virgo men show their love?
How does a virgo show their love to their girl?

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Answer by SaggiMC
First go to and get your free chart, then use their interactive model to get an explanation, then go to and do the same, but do *not* use their charts as they inferior. Then come to mytribe reached via my homepage and get the link *start with basics.*

First you need to understand you are not the sum total of your sun sign. There are 10planets in a natal chart and they can be in any one of 12 houses…so that’s 144 combinations for each planet. Next, mercury can only be upto one sign away from your sun sign and venus can only be upto two signs away. Your natal chart is as unique as your fingerprints.

Planets are modified by signs, where they express are houses and how they express are *aspects.* the aspects are simply mathematical matters, which one planet makes to another. Think back to your school days, when an opposition = 180′ and a square =90′ a trine =120′ and these aspects are ‘facets of your personality’ The houses are like the backdrop of a stage, the setting if you like, the planets are like actors and the aspects are how the planets behave in that settings/stage…

If you cannot get past this idea of JUST sun signs, you will always stay in kindergarden. perhaps if you learn more some of the basics in astrology then with your future questions this should help you ask more poignant questions, for your own evolution

This slide shows the meanings of the planets

this slide shows the house meanings, natural house rulers and notice the compass points are reversed? this is not a mistake
Synastry doesn’t work off *signs* but the mathematical aspects they make to another’s chart. So synastry (chart comparisons) compares ALL 10planets, Ascendant, Midheaven, Juno, Vertex, Nodes, Part of fortune. so failing no chart appearing you will have to do some research yourself and this is where I come in, for no charge whatsoever (just because I love astrology and this is MY vocation) I will walk you through astrological techniques you are asking about

In a man’s chart we look at venus and moon, then planets in 7th house the signs/aspects, in the absent of planets then the ruler of 7th house ‘traits’, where it’s placed and aspected.
In a woman’s chart we look at sun and mars, then planets in 7th house the signs/aspects, in the absent of planets then the ruler of 7th house ‘traits’, where it’s placed and aspected.
how to post synastry charts on YA shown pictorially;_ylt=AuqEGTF7uwRHkpZNAVsKgWnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120823032152AAH26y0

Do not make the mistake of copy/pasting from address bar as the links will disappear

IF and when you get the bi wheel and aspect grid, create a new thread and PM the link pls? If you find all this bit daunting but still want to learn a little synastry to go my homepage and there are 3links to explain matters.

The problem with the limited information you have given is, there are 10planets not just one or two you have mentioned and if you have a harsh/hard aspect from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to your personal planets it *will* make matters decidedly tricky if not impossible to overcome. So this is why I ask for charts, plus it shows me if you really want answers or are just lazy and curious… I don’t ask for this information lightly but are ‘you’ asking lightly? or do you want a fully informed astrological answer?

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